Pull over Notes

Safe to pull over, we should do firmly Dangdang, smooth, yet there are no surprises, you want to put these things right, really not easy, everyone would stop to think about it so the point position, the vehicle is stopped but also to ensure not to harm the people around them, but also to ensure not rub vehicles. So how do we do it?

Pull over how come?

Want to pull the safety, first through the rearview mirror, the rearview mirror, observe the surrounding road, and the steering lamp is turned on, and the tips of the vehicle around, while the brake pedal, steering wheel turn right, while reducing the speed, in step the clutch pedal, left direction, and according to road conditions, playing back and forth through the steering wheel control, stop quickly and smoothly. In addition, turn the steering wheel is not necessarily about specific road conditions, should be the most cautious of.

Pull over attention:

When properly secure parking compulsory for each vehicle owner, if even pull over are doing well, then it let alone driving a vehicle, pull over in a few minutes, will encounter different accidents, so secure parking , and that was not easy.

When pulled over, board staff must not advance down, so as not to affect the driver, when making parking on the right, temporarily need to stop, do not obstruct traffic, parking can look at the situation, not to rush down. Moreover, some identity has no parking, the owner must not stop without permission, as well as corners, narrow road, intersections do not recommend parking.

Driving test driving down the road and how far?