Owners fled nearly died!

You meet crossing rage it?

Driving on the road saw

Stopper children, the random variable line forcibly overtaking ...

These type of people are Zhaochou

I wanted to curse

But I held back

There are some people really can not help it!

Some time ago the viaduct "Mixed Doubles"

These days someone directly addresses the knife

Recently, London when a blue car left the parking space, hit a cyclist. Man jumped off my bike, took out a 10 inches (25.4 cm) long knife, facing the blue car kicked and cut. Blue car drivers take advantage of their carelessness, open the door to escape. Subsequently, the knife-wielding man arrested by local police, the driver returns to the car blue car incident caused no casualties.

I am scared cold sweat

The original bike also has road rage ah!

I come to tell you about the popularity of "road rage."

Both partners want small car

Do not drive or do not have a "road rage" patients

Road rage, originally referred to with anger to the car. An automobile or other motor vehicle drivers are aggressive or angry behavior. Including: rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately unsafe or threatening manner to drive the vehicle, or making threats. Now not only is the driver, including riding motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians will break out road rage, we care!

"Road rage" symptoms

Symptoms: drive "curse" into the norm.

Symptoms II: driving emotions get out of hand, there is a little traffic jam or grazing hands impulse.

Three symptoms: like with people, "top cow", deliberately retaining others into their own driveway.

Four symptoms: when driving and not driving temper, mood like two people.

Symptoms five: slower vehicle in front of non-stop honking or flashing lights to play.

Symptoms six: dangerous driving, including sudden braking or acceleration, with the car too close, etc.

To measure whether you suffer from "road rage"

dangerous driving, including sudden acceleration or braking, with the car too close;

forced to cut someone else's lane, or deliberately retaining others into their own lane;

excessively honking or flashing lights to play;

In the middle of the highway's median strip, drag racing frighten others;

do boorish gesture, such as vertical middle finger to others;

shout abuse or intimidation; deliberately crash;

get off to challenge other drivers, including with other items hit the body of the vehicle;

deadly weapon such as a knife threat;

drove throwing attacks on other goods vehicles;


If the above acts, then you already suffering from a "road rage"!

I offer advice to avoid road rage

more than a few deep breaths;

Try to maintain a certain distance between vehicles and the preceding vehicle;

open the window to let fresh air into the passenger compartment;

listening to the radio or listen to more relaxing music;

The car parked on the roadside to take a break;

there is something when you can make a phone call to a friend to talk about, feel comfortable and then hit the road;

car put a happy little family photos, not happy look.

No U-turn marked intersection can turn it?