Note that the driver! If the accelerator pedal is suddenly card

Hot summer, many women drivers like to wear sandals or high heels driving, driving in the shoes very easily wedged under the pedals, causing the brakes can not be security risks, so I will remind women owners, driving do not wear sandals or high-heeled shoes, if the wear can prepare a pair of non-dedicated in-car driving wear flats.

If she encountered car suddenly stuck gas pedal, how should we do?

1, if the manual model, immediately depress the clutch pick neutral, continuously try to pull the handbrake brake, the car slowly stopped at the roadside stall.

After stopping to check the accelerator pedal, if this is stuck a water bottle or slippers to win it, but if the throttle is in itself a problem, it would have to contact the 4S shop and trailers.

2, if it is automatic models, although immediately linked to the N position will cause mechanical damage to the car, but it does not have anything to safety.

3, if not used immediately, then hang low gear, or the manual adjustment switch S lowest gear speed, using the engine brake force resistance, accompanied by a continuous pull handbrake, then try brake assist. After stalling speed gradually come down in time, let the car safe stop!

4, if the above methods are useless, then gripping the steering wheel or to reliably find a guardrail barrier side friction stopped immediately turn off after the vehicle speed down.

Throttle when the driver brakes dangerous