How can I legally modify the car?

In life, there are many car enthusiasts like to modify the car, but the modified car should comply with the law, how is it legally modified? What are the legal modification specific projects?

How to legally modify the car

First, appearance

1. Wheel: If you want to change your double "shoes", persuade you to wear more shoes, modified the wheel is the same as the original car wheel size, if you want to change, it is considered to affect the power and the whole vehicle Performance, caught is a fine.

2. Color: From the modification, the body color can be changed, which allows you to enjoy the personality, put on your favorite color, but don't forget, you must go to the vehicle management office to re-take pictures, apply for change Register. It should be noted here that some law enforcement vehicles are not allowed.

3. Local painting: The body color change does not exceed 30?o not need to go to the vehicle management to change the driving license and belong to legal modification. That is to say, you can make it casually in the car, as long as you are not too much, you can call the network, and the wheel is improved.

4. Appearance Part: If you want to be surrounded, install the tail, wind knife, side skirt, etc., you should first go to the vehicle management department before the top of the trip, as long as it does not affect the obvious characteristics of the vehicle It is possible to approval, pay attention, the label is absolutely not allowed to be privately changed.

In addition to local painting, the above project is modified, and it is necessary to replace the driver's license within 10 days. If it is not replaced, it will be regarded as illegal modification.

Second, interior:

As long as it does not affect safe driving, the interior modification can be said, such as replacing the dermisal, carbon fiber, driving navigation, audio, full car sound insulation, etc., in addition to the seat is not allowed to disassemble.

Third, others:

Variable valve exhaust: This is the introduction of the modified entry, and the exhaust of the valve will let go of the door when needed, and can satisfy your hearing, more passion. And it is possible to pass the valve annual inspection.

Anti-collision beam: small, micro-passenger car is installed before and after.

ECU: Currently, the ECU can be a small increase in power, and there is no means to find the ECU. However, after the power will make the car appear some problems, and there is no 2-year warranty, 4S The store may have undertaken situation, so it must be carefully considered before brushing.

Several points about legitimate modification:

First, now every place is different for each period, can't check your luck.

Second, at any time, the appearance is maintained and the driving license photo, the power is not changed, your car is legal.

The modified sentence is given to everyone, the police law enforcement look, the annual trial is difficult to find the yellow cattle.

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