New regulations for auto-annual inspection time

The vehicle is our pendant tool, which requires annual inspection annually, and detects whether the vehicle has some security performance after one year. However, a lot of owners will have a busy forgetting their own car review time, then there will be no punishment for overdue years? Below, let's learn from the 2019 car annual inspection time new regulations.

2019 new regulations for auto-annual inspection time

1. The relevant regulations of the motor vehicle safety technology inspection involving the inspection time in 2019 are as follows:

1. Motor vehicle driving license, "Test validity to 2019," Qualified sign.

2. According to the regulations, the motor vehicle does not perform safety technical inspection in accordance with the prescribed period, and the traffic management department of the public security organ shall fined 200 yuan according to the law, and 3 points.

2019 car annual inspection time new regulations new and old carts

? II. What should I do if I have time for a check?

If you realize that your vehicle has exceeded the annual inspection period, the first thing to do is to drive the vehicle to drive, and apply for annual inspection as soon as possible. For vehicles within one year of the year, when you go to the vehicle management department to handle annual inspection procedures, it will not face penalties.

If you find that you have an annual inspection of your own vehicle, the owner of the exemption conditions, please do not drive the vehicle that has not been inspected as a car to travel to the vehicle management, you can choose other means of transport or driving other vehicles. The owner of the vehicle must be on the line, even if you encounter a traffic police law enforcement on the road last year, you can only regret. Vehicles on driving overdue have been inspected are illegally driving, not only will make penalties, but if traffic accidents have, insurance companies will not pay according to the penalty provisions.

Third, how long has a motor vehicle for a long time?

According to the relevant regulations, the annual inspection date shall be subject to the date on the driving license. From the date of registration, the motor vehicle is subjected to safety technical inspection according to the following period (which is the "annual inspection" or "annual trial").

1, small, mini-camp transportation passenger car within 6 years, detection once every 2 years, more than 6 years, once a year, more than 15 years, 1 month test every 6 months.

2, the operation passenger car inspected once a year, more than 5 years, and inspected once every 6 months.

3, cargo cars and large, medium-sized non-invasive passenger cars 10 years, more than 10 years, 1 month test every 6 months.

Import vehicles are like other models, can be tested regularly in any test site.

Fourth, how to apply for a vehicle annual inspection

1. Query the traffic violation of this car and have been processed;

2. Buy a new year's stronger risk and car boat (other commercial insurance to choose from);

3. Vehicles belonging to 6 years - carrying the original and photocopy of the owner my ID card, the original and photocopy of the vehicle driving license, the original traffic accident liability compulsory insurance policy (copy), to any car tube to the city The window is handled.

Vehicles that do not belong to the exemption - carrying the above documents, driving to the close-of-vehicle testing station for inspection review.

Note: 1 Different vehicle entrusted annual inspection and demand certificate; 2 units of vehicle needed to bring a copy of the certificate to copy the official seal; 3 The paste of the environmental protection mark is released, and the owner does no longer issue environmental protection markers.

5. How to conduct a vehicle annual inspection time query

As long as you log in to the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau website, you can query or call. According to the TDM, the test is unqualified does not give the annual inspection mark, and the files formed by all annual inspection must be saved for 3 years.

Sixth, annual inspection process

1. Vehicle enters the station 2. The business hall fills the payment/information login 3. Detection station Top/Outer External Examination 4. Workshop Vehicle Online Detection 5. Receive Inspection Report 6. Traffic Police Experience Qualified Sign 7 Applying environmental inspection qualification mark 8. Vehicle outlet

Finally, before the check-in-the-vehicle online check, there is no violation record, if there is a violation, then inquiry, then query, until there is no illegal record online, so you can make an appointment, complete the annual inspection process!

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