Discuss children's safety seats

When the car becomes a summatory tool for most families, the safety of ride is more and more important. Although the car has a safety facility such as a seat belt and airbag, it is worth mentioning that the safety facilities of these vehicles are mostly designed to adult, and the safety of children cannot be guaranteed at all.

Why do you want a child seat?

Because any traffic accident occurs in an instant, many times, even if the driver itself does not necessarily make timely reactions, let alone a passenger sitting in the co-driver or the back row. On the occasion of thousands of miles, how can I protect the child? And the impact is very easy to let the child fly away from the adults, hit the front windshield or seat back.

Similarly, the adult seat belt will not protect the protection, and even have a reaction. Because when the impact accident occurs, the child will slip out the protection range of the seat belt because of too small body, but it is more likely to cause harm. At the same time, when the collision occurs, the strength of the seat belt is very powerful. This forces can protect the adults, but the child's body does not bear such a strong pull, which may be trained.

This is why children should use a seat belt by car. However, it is worth gratifying that with the popularity of traffic safety knowledge, more and more parents understand the importance of children's safety seats and began to use children's safety seats.

How to choose a child safety seat?

Since the child safety seat has a very low penetration rate in the country, the national standard of product quality has been lacking in product quality, and the cost profit in child safety seat production has not transparent. It is understood that the price of children's safety seats on the market is as low as 300 yuan, as well as as high as 3,000 yuan.

At present, children's safety seats on the market are divided into two major camps in imports and domestic products. The products are all, and the purchase is indeed a trouble.

Choose a safety seat, first choose the appropriate model and style according to the age, height and weight of the child. For example, the safety seat for infants used in 0-10 months must be mounted back to the rear seat back, and there is a splint and an additional seat belt for fixing the baby armpit and the crotch, and there is also a head. support.

Based on the installation method, the child safety seat can basically be divided into two types of vehicle own seat belts and two types of installation through the ISOFIX system. The advantage of strapping the vehicle's own seat belt is that the price is lower, but the installation is more troublesome. At least 5 minutes of time, the more critical is that there are not many people who can install; ISOFIX is easy to install and can be installed. Guaranteed the best effect, but the vehicle needs to have an ISOFIX interface.

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