Network New Deal Interpretation

The webmark has become the most common way to travel. With the development of the net approx, it means that the webmark needs to manage, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other net us develop a good city. In October, there were related policies, and Hangzhou was the same. Below is an interpretation of

Compared with the rules of other cities, Hangzhou is more "inclusive" for webmarks, including the number of network regulations, the number of network regulations, the number of network regulations, and the city number plate, for the driver, Hangzhou City household registration or in this city, "Zhejiang Residence Permit" is more than 6 months, in terms of private passenger cars, in accordance with the principle of not timing only.

Vehicle: Need to have this city number

According to the implementation rules, the vehicles applying for the "Network Reservation Taxi" should meet the following conditions:

1. With this city number, the use of nature is registered as "appointment rental passenger" and the following passenger cars;

2, the fuel vehicle wheelbase reaches 2700 mm or more or the number of taxes purchased by the vehicle is more than 120,000 yuan, and the new energy vehicle wheel spacing reaches 2,600 mm or more than 250 kilometers or more.

3, the vehicle usage is not more than 5 years, no more than 600,000 kilometers mileage;

4. Vehicle technical performance meets environmental protection and operational safety related standards;

5. Install vehicle satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device for driving recording function;

6, no spray cruise taxi logo logo, no top light device is installed.

7. It is forcibly scrapped when the net approximation mileage reaches 600,000 kilometers.

Driver: Hangzhou household registration or hold residence permit

According to the implementation rules, the application to participate in the network reservation for the taxi driver's qualification examination should meet the following conditions:

1. Hangzhou household registration or in this city has achieved "Zhejiang Residence Permit" for more than 6 months;

2, achieve the corresponding mai motor vehicle driver's license and have more than 3 years of driving experience;

3, no traffic accident, dangerous driving crime record, no drug-free record, no driving record after drinking, no 12 points record in three consecutive score periods;

4, no ristant criminal record;

5. The record of the taxi driver's qualification certificate is not revoked three years before the date of application.

Traffic price: Implementation of market regulation price to provide invoices

According to the implementation rules, the net approximation price is implemented in the market. The net approximation needs to be marked, and the passengers can provide the passenger taxi invoice; when the freight rules are adjusted, it should be announced to the public 15 days in advance and report it to the relevant departments.

"Shuttle": Only the measuring is not more than 4 times a day

According to the implementation rules, private passenger cars will not be a purposeful purpose. The following provisions should be observed:

1. The driver pre-released driving travel information;

2, free mutual assistance or only part of the travel costs. When the cost of travel is not counted, the total cost per kilometer must not exceed 50?f the freight rate of the cruise taxi industry;

3, each private passenger car or each driver has a daily provider service without exceeding 4 times.

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