China Tire Brand Rankings

Speaking of car tires, many people think of Mikin. Although the tires of the Michelin are very good, there are many domestic tires to enjoy the world reputation. Now, let's learn about the list of domestic roundabits of the 2019 domestic round!

2019 domestic tire brand list

Chaoyang tire

The Chaoyang Tire is one of the brands of the Chinese policy rubber, and there is a Weish, good luck, all Non, Yada, Golden Crown, Baixiwei and other tire brands. Among them, Baixi Wai is a strategic partner of the wheel's tire platform, but also in the good domestic reputation, but also has good market feedback.

2. Triangular tires

Triangle Tire is a tire brand of the triangular group brand product. The Triangle Group was built in 1976 and has more than 30 years of professional production of the history of manufacturing tires. The main products include cars and light card middays, capping mourn, engineer middays, giant engineering middays, giant oblique projects and ordinary oblique tires.


?? 2019 Domestic Tire Brand List (Source: Tibet) Delta Group Build a national-level technology development center and postdoctoral research workstation, has independent research and development capabilities, is the largest comprehensive supply and research in the country Tire business.

3. Exquisite tire

The exquisite tire is the representative of the high-quality tires in Shandong, predecessor is a recruiting long-term tire factory, through its own anti-war, many times will be selected for top 20 world tires, and multiple brands are also: exquisite, mountains, leio.

Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. is a top 20 world tires, the second largest tire manufacturer in the country. The leading product tire has a slope tire, passed the light kids tires, all-steel heavy sub-tires, special tires, etc., nearly 2,000 species.

4. Wan Li

Wanli is the independent brand of Guangzhou South China Rubber Tire Co., Ltd. After 19 years of development, it is now a strong China Tire industry, which is the leading enterprise in the Guangdong tire industry. Annual production capacity of 8 million/year. The two production bases were built into an annual output of more than 25 million sets, an annual output value of 10.8 billion yuan of internationalized tire production enterprises.

5. Zhengxin CST

Zhengxin CST is a top ten brands of tires, China's well-known trademarks, is also a national mandatory product certification brand, industry well-known brands, and its company Xiamen Zhengxin Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. was rated as an influential enterprise.

6. Sea

Sea Dada mainly developed, produced, operates all steel min squat tires, semi-steel meridian tires, oblique tires and rubber products, the company is a national tire designation production enterprise and Sichuan unique production tire large backbone enterprise, China's largest half-steel southwife Tire production base.


BCT is one of the 24 key tire manufacturers in the country. The company mainly applies Pirelli technology to develop and produce multiplier, light km and light card, load, and engineering oblique fetus.

8. Turn back, double money

The back and double money tire is a high-quality product produced by Shanghai Tire Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large-scale tire production enterprise in Shanghai Tire Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd..

Learn about the 2019 domestic tire brand list, let's understand how to extend the life of the tires.

1. Do it at any time to check the habit of tire pressure. Pneumatic is the key to extending the life of the tire - tire pressure is often more than 20?f normal pressure, and the life of the tire will be reduced by 10?if it is often less than 30?f normal pressure, the tire life will decrease by 52?r2, the air pressure must be consistent. Tire pressure is the life of the tire, too low, the carcass deformation increases, the fetal side is prone to cracks, resulting in excessive heat, promoting rubber aging, fatigue, and cord break.

3, regularly remove the habit of foreign matter in the tire. When the vehicle is driving on the road, there will often be some stones to squeeze into the pattern of tires. If these small stones are not cleared in time, the time will pierce tires long, resulting in leakage or puncture.

4. Driving habits are in line with scientific requirements. When driving in a large-large road, try to travel, avoid and reduce the offset of car gravity, reducing the increase in tire loads, and uneven tire wear.

5, the front and rear wheels remain accurate. The front wheel positioning has great effect on the life of the tire, and especially the front wheel lead and the front wheel extraction is the main factor. The front wheel is mainly accelerating the wear of the shoulders, and the front wheel lead is mainly the wear of the inside and outside of the tire.

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