Mid Autumn Festival, these four driving skills owners must see!

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, and the holiday schedule has also been announced: from September 22 to 24, there will be a holiday, of which September 22 and 23 are weekends, and September 24 (Monday) will be a supplementary holiday. However, it should be noted that this year's "mid autumn" holiday, highways are not free.

Mid Autumn Festival is a festival of reunion. When driving at high speed, the speed is slow. The owners and friends who drive home for the festival must pay attention to safety. Here are some tips for driving at high speed.

1. Don't change course at will

Now some drivers forget the driving safety rules and think that they are skilled! I don't care about the dangerous behavior of changing at will (or even rapidly). This kind of behavior will not be paid attention to before the accident, and the danger will gradually approach you after the bad habits are formed over time.

2. Don't brake suddenly

It's absolutely dangerous to brake on the expressway. Many people will suddenly brake on the ramp near the exit. They regard the guide line of the ramp as the "stop and look at the road sign area". If the vehicles behind are too late to react

3. Don't park illegally

It is estimated that many small partners have done illegal parking on the highway. Due to vehicle failure, physical discomfort and other reasons, they temporarily park the car on the roadside or emergency lane, in case of encountering a driver who is not willing to die and tries to overtake from the emergency Lane It's scary to think about that picture!

4. Do not reverse

It's a fantastic move to back up or even reverse on the highway because of missing the exit, but many people just "don't hit the south wall and don't look back"! This is not only easy to cause fatal rear end, once found by traffic police or monitoring, 12 points will be deducted at a time!

Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. For everyone's safety and family reunion, all car owners must remember to drive safely.

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