Maintenance should be made after long-distance driving

The car after a long-distance trip is more needed. To make your car keep abundant physical strength, the correct maintenance awareness must not be ignored, otherwise carefully in the future driving process, the car will protest.

Body bath

Self-driving trips are inevitable to leave insect corpse or bird manure, these are easy to corrode the car paint, returning, must be dealt with in time. In addition, some self-driving teams like to paste the unified travel, return the handling of the car after returning to the problem of many people's headaches.

Dealing with initiatives: The insect corpse or bird manure and the average car wash can be cleaned, mainly to pay attention to timely. The easiest and most efficient self-handling method is to use a wet paper towel to clean clean. The treatment of the car is more troublesome. Go to the beauty store to deal with the paint beauty will definitely handle clean. If you handle it, you can use a car paint white agent, and wipe with paper towels (thousands of towels Because of paper absorber, it is not easy to wipe the flower paint). After cleaning the body, it also responds to the paint of the body damage to the paint surface, and then waxes the light, and the car caught will be thoroughly conserved.

2. Tire positioning

Long-distance trek, the most tired should be a car tire.

Address: return, check whether tire pressure is normal, and check whether there is no injuries on the outside of the tire, the wheel is deformed, but also remembered, must re-do four-wheel positioning.

3. Chassis diagnosis

Many car owners have a painful experience on the road. After scratching the chassis, there may be deformation of some parts of the chassis, especially the upper and lower swing arms, left and right direction pull rods, etc. The slight leakage occurs, and these are issues that cannot be discovered in time when the owner is inspected.

Dealing with the initiative: After the return of self-driving travel, it is recommended that consumers will open the car chassis to check the car chassis. In the inspection, you should pay attention to whether there is a bottomless soon, the steering wheel shake, and the air stains in the parking position of the vehicle. If these problems should be repaired in time.

4. Oil three filter

After long-distance work, the various liquids of the car will inevitably have leakage and consumption, and the engine may make the oil change under continuous high temperature, so long-distance driving should be tested.

Dealing: If the owner's self-driving travel is relatively replacement, the engine oil should be replaced, and if it is an automatic stop, the owner should check if the gearbox oil is missing.

5. Brake system check

The brake pads were originally consuming, and the frequent brakes in self-driving tour were difficult to avoid, so they still need to check the brake system of vehicles.

Counters: If the wear of the brake shoe exceeds the lower limit of the factory or when the brake is turned on, the owner should replace the brake shoe. Generally, the current wheel brake pad is less than three millimeters, and the rear wheel brake pad must be replaced when the brake pad is less than two millimeters. In general, even if the thickness of the brake skin is greater than the above standard, the brake skin is required every 40,000 kilometers.

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