Annual inspection new regulations of Shenzhen

The annual inspection of the automobile refers to the safety tests that each car must accept, which is equivalent to doing medical examination to the vehicle, and timely eliminating the safety hazards of the vehicle, reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. The provisions of the annual inspection are often updated with development and become more humanized. So new year, what kind of new regulations do you have an annual inspection?

Annual inspection and new regulations of Shenzhen

1. First make an appointment online, apply for an annual inspection

Shenzhen motor vehicles online annual inspection needs to be appointment online, otherwise it will not be annotated!

2. Driving glass windows can not be deep color glass film!

The annual trial vehicles must ensure that the vehicle main off-glass glass has sufficient clarity. That is, the light-colored glass film for the main co-pilot sticker can, with a touch of color to sprinkle. Therefore, remind you of the new owners, in the future. Remember to put the lights of the main driving and the co-pilot, you will take the annual trial of the car owners, see the color of your car glass film, you need to tear off.

Shenzhen car annual inspection and new regulations must see?

3. Cancellation of some annual inspection items

In order to alleviate the burden on the majority of the owners, my country's auto-inspection department has made a lot of adjustments from the annual inspection this year, including the cost of annual inspection! It is reported that after the annual inspection rules are adjusted, it will completely cancel the appearance test fees, procedures printing fees , Six fees such as secondary maintenance fees, which will greatly reduce the cost of car owners, is a real welfare policy!

4. Annual inspection is more user-friendly

In order to better serve the owner, save the car annual inspection time and simplify the annual inspection process of the owner, will achieve the following new features: online receipt qualification mark, first deal, review, direct annual inspection of different places.

5. The annual inspection time standard strictly enforced

Since this year, the annual inspection vehicle must be examined in the month of the month or in advance, canceling the provisions of a monthly examination, and the motor vehicles exceeded exceeding the month will be fined according to the "Road Traffic Safety" provisions, and fined 200 yuan, and 3 points.

Shenzhen car annual inspection process

1. Open the vehicle to the monitoring station queue

2. Cooperate with staff to fill out the form and take pictures (note that the triangle police display and reflective vest take pictures)

3. Log in for payment and information

4. Motor vehicle on line detection, speed meter detection - brake (brake) detection - Light detection - side slide detection - chassis detection - exhaust detection. (Note that some local exhaust detection will be separated from other tests, so after the detection, the car is opened to the exhaust gas detection.)

5. Receive the inspection qualification mark and paste it on the windshield. (Some areas are available in a year-on-year, such as Shenzhen, other local licenses, and also can be annotated in Shenzhen.)

Shenzhen Car Annual Inspection Missing Information

Driving license, motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance policy (copy will be recycled), checkman ID card, triangular alarm, fire extinguisher, reflective vest (18 years old car).

Note: The vehicle should handle the complete violation, and must not be modified

Maintenance should be made after long-distance driving
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