Child travel tool selection and precautions

I have recently been promoted to "Dad", and I know that every child is not easy to love the woman. Whether it is a mother's birth pain or a baby's daily life and education, no parents are tested. This is not, near the Spring Festival, many parents who work outside are still plagued in how to bring their children home. This article, I will talk about the tools of newborns and what should be noted on the way.

1, car

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Because the maternal and children can't blow, they will usually choose to go home by car. In other words, most of the child's life is the car.

Although it is, the car is the first vehicle in life, but if you really have a long time to take a long time, there are many places to pay attention to. For example, how to ensure that the child's breathing is smooth and not cold; for example, how to make children not injured due to bumps.

Travel preparation:

1. Select the right child safety seat

2. Pay attention to the baby's warmth, avoid cold and cold, it is best not to open the window on the way, and you can turn outside.

3. The baby in birth is not healthier. If there is a big sound on the way, be sure to give your baby her ear to avoid trauma.

4. Bring a few pieces of baby like toys, you can reduce your baby's crying.

5. Bring the pacifier or oligible milk, avoid the baby's hungry and not convenient breast milk.

2, train

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Trains have always been the main home tools for migrant workers because they are cheap and comfortable.

Travel preparation:

1. Choose a good time, give your baby enough clothes, pay attention to keep warm, the jacket is best to make chest, easy to wear, and remember to bring a few pairs of socks;

2. Many trains are now air-conditioned, and all the air conditioners are opened every moment, so we also wear a hat to avoid direct air conditioners in the head.

3. Train arrive at the station in the morning, prepare a thicker clothes in advance, put on the baby when getting off, prevent your baby from cooling.

4. Drink more water, prevent your baby from getting angry, pay attention to diet hygiene, eat easy digestible food.

5. In order to make your baby sleep, it is recommended to bring his favorite toys, often cover small blankets and small pillows. Take a sleeper, the baby should not sleep on the end of the window.

6. With a nipple, and some instant milk, drink when the baby is hungry, thinking that it is not good in public places;

3, plane

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The plane has always been a preferred tool for high-income travelers because of its convenient comfort. However, the pressure changes in the aircraft rise and landing, which will lead to the imbalance of internal and external pressure in the pipeline of the toddler's throat. Therefore, airline stipulates that the baby must be born in 14 days to board the flight to prevent the respirator unable to adapt.

Travel preparation:

1. Bring the baby to book the seat near the head as possible, because the air circulation of the front of the aircraft is slightly better than the back cabin, and the up and down the plane is more convenient, the parents should inform Airlines when they book tickets for the arrangement .

2. Don't let your child head in his arms, because the aisle of the aircraft cabin is narrow, the child's head is easily injured by other travelers.

3. When the plane is rapidly upgraded and landing, the parents can feed the baby to the baby, so that his sucking activity is smooth; one can replenish moisture, two, two, two, can be active. The air pressure balance between the nasopharyngeal cavity and the middle ear cavity is obtained.

4. Bring a few pieces of baby like toys, you can reduce your baby's crying.

5. On the plane, the parents try not to drink hot drinks, so as not to sprinkle the child, they cause burns.

Summary: Through the above, we should know that the born baby is very bad. It is recommended that the baby is old, try not to go out, avoid infection, feeding the milk, don't be too full, the head is slightly raised, prevent overflowing.

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