I personally experience the car paint repair package

When the car owner uses the car, the highest accident rate is undoubtedly a small accident. And the car's car paint is facing the harm brought about by . Many known, 4S shop spray paint is for the whole block, there is some killing chicken with cattle knife for scratches, so there is a variety of painted brushes, replenishing paste, replenishing paste, rapid repair products The most popular is a product called a painted cream. So if its effect is like an advertising, I will experience it.

Before the experience, let's take a look at the working principle of the paint cream. The paint of the car is divided into several layers: the primer, the topcoat layer, and the light oil layer, and our usual small squats generally happen in the light oil layer. The lacquer layer, only the bigger will hurt the bottom paint. The paint cream is mainly for painted surface repair in the absence of the lacquer.

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