How white winter maintenance vehicles

Globally, one in four vehicles are white, black and silver over the first place. Specific to the Asia-Pacific region, this ratio is also slightly higher, 26?This is the third time won the white car body color in this part of the statistical report title. Printing of various hard about the white car "serve" the statement a long time. Not dirt, yellowed, up paint color is particularly evident and so on. Really the case? AutoWeek invite professionals to take a look at some saying word of mouth right in the end.

A statement: White color car up painting more obvious

Fact: pearl white patch technology put to the test

Car on the road, how can we avoid scraping rub. When a large wound to hurt the primer, or very influence the visual impact, it needs to be repaired. Professionals, explains, "saying a" reason: Compared with other paint colors, white overlay relatively weak, higher requirements for primer, coating thickness also have very strict standards. Among them, especially pearl white patching "the most difficult." In recent years, the most popular paint colors, white family team is also growing. White, off-white; matte, pearl white highlighted ......, it is one of them. Unlike other white paint, as a metallic paint, pearl white metal particles are added, such as aluminum particles. This makes it more difficult than normal prime paint formulations. "Not fine craft technicians erupted, there will certainly be very obvious color difference, or is the pearl powder seems not uniform, there is no feeling of the original paint." Professionals say if you want to repair pearl white, looking for skilled craftsmen shot, in order to minimize chromatic aberration.

Argument 2: Some years must yellowing white paint

Fact: With proper care can delay the yellow time

Walking down the street, sometimes on the year will see some white car passing, body surface yellowing. This is not only impede the appearance, it will also affect the future of the stock market in second-hand car market - the same age of the vehicle, the vehicle yellowed look older. There are many reasons white car yellow, mainly related to changes in the weather and circumstances of routine maintenance. Ultraviolet sunlight, paint oxidation is the culprit. Coupled with air pollution now, such as a gas, dust, rain, mud, etc., in contact with the vehicle surface, the influence of color retention. In severe air pollution in the city, if the owners do not pay attention body care, usually about a year and a half of white paint will begin to yellow. "If routine maintenance properly, can delay the timing and extent of yellowing occurs." Mouth professionals properly maintained means: wash car wash, reduce the chance of sun exposure, indoor garage can stop, do not stop in the open. The body has begun to turn yellow, you can try to restore the original appearance of polishing. After removing the oxide layer paint, the color will be temporarily restored to the state of the new car.

When the vehicle or the new state, you can by waxing, sealing glaze and other beauty treatment, reducing the chance of paint in direct contact with the air.

Say three: white body particularly exposed to dirt

Fact: it is just more visible

In fact, the probability of contaminated dirt white car is almost like any other color body, but to the naked eye appear more pronounced. Champagne, green, silver in the industry is recognized as good care, because dirty is not so obvious.

Soot dust mixture: If the car parked behind the stall or near commercial buildings, hotel kitchen, large coincides with the air humidity, a few days without washing result is a mixture of dust and fumes incarnation of a small black spot, firmly attached to the car body. Wang Qi is the owner of the car situation.

Ordinary washing process can not completely remove this black spot. You can try to use detergents asphalt, wax call point forming the protective layer. Professional advice, a white car it is best to wash once a week.

Dust: parking space on nearby construction sites, or renovation projects in progress. Decoration paint, dust, etc., easily stained body. Solution is used to finish polishing or sludge.

Water mark India, also known as water spots, which secretly stains appear, because after the rain failed to timely washing, coupled with the body originally had oil, dust, will form a vertical downward water marks. Air conditioning unit dripping water, has a similar effect. It is also difficult to remove, to be done polished. Therefore, the best snow vehicle promptly wipe, reducing rain, snow, dirt residence time in the paint surface

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