How to judge the narrow road vehicles can quickly break through?

Often on the road the driver friends will face a variety of road conditions, especially the relatively narrow road, but more painful is the car will narrow road, but for some wider body of vehicles, can not pass on personal technology, and today I will share four ways to quickly determine whether the vehicle width by a narrow road, if you ensure that you understand the unimpeded.

1, relying on a narrow road with reference to the vehicle in front, which is often the case in mountain and village roads, in which case if we can rely on a car in front of the vehicle in front as a reference, this is the most intuitive and can judge for yourself whether the vehicle by way of security, but if the body is not new to the concept of the width or the choice of the following ways.

2, where the vehicle body with the mirror as a reference mirror is the widest sides, so that upon reaching the intersection can first try to see from the rearview mirror and on both sides, if the amount can pass.

3, if you encounter the car will look at the situation if the probe would narrow road car really in doubt, you can reduce the speed out of the window, must be viewed through at low speed, if the car the short distance can be appropriately adjusted steering wheel, but must pay attention to the head of security, if you car is the object out of the window of the truck then do not.

4, control the vehicle speed through the narrow path, we must control the speed is not too fast, low speed to ensure safety, there will be enough time to adjust once the need to adjust the direction, this will ensure smooth car.

In the face of a long narrow places, such as Hu same time we must go slowly, if they must be courteous case the car will be able to advance comity, avoid rub, and according to traffic laws, abide by obstructions so that no one party one of the principle obstacles by priority.

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