How to avoid throttle when the brake

Life, there are a lot of throttle when the brake led to the tragedy, how to avoid throttle when the brake it? Way to avoid throttle when the brakes, what does?

How to avoid the throttle when the brake

1. develop a foot rest from their habit to put on the brakes. If driving during the free foot pedal brake, an emergency brake situation required, it is likely to panic stepped on the accelerator. So long as the right foot is not in a state of refueling, it has been on the top of the brake, keeping alert.

2. sight to look too far - to realize that the brakes are not really protect the security, to observe in advance to make a pre-judgment, to make their own preventive measures. Therefore, we must focus on when driving, sight seeing beyond 150 meters, easy to slam the brakes busy in error. Of timid and technology does not cross the border of the driver, you can find someone to accompany driving, and other skilled re-open, reducing the throttle when the brake of the tragic mistake.

3. vigilant about reversing upside down. Many throttle when the brake of the accident in reversing the process. Since the formation of the driver a feeling of right and left reversed when reversing, accident prone, so be sure to develop a foot on the brake "on-call" habits.

4. Do not leave too close to the steering wheel. In case of emergency, so that the relatively short distance in front of the driver's space becomes smaller, lower leg flexibility, impact strain.

The structure and more about the vehicle performance. Part of the driver especially female driver of the vehicle because of the internal functions are not familiar, easy to disperse in the bow find air conditioning, audio and other key energy, ignore foot wrong throttle when the brake caused the accident.

Why throttle and brake together

One reason: automotive history

In the process of vehicle development, the manual transmission car began as a controlled clutch left foot, right foot brake and throttle control. Wait until the emergence of automatic transmission, the clutch was canceled, but the throttle and the brakes but was retained.

Two reasons: proofing design engineer

When we drive a car, no matter automatic or manual transmission, people hit the brakes and throttle action is relative. Put them together, it is error-proofing preparation of Automotive Engineers had designed. For the new models, even if the brake at the same time the situation occurred throttle is depressed, trip computer will automatically follow the brake override principle. So right foot brake and throttle control, which is the most scientific design.

Reason Three: driving habits

Now automatic models have been very popular in China, some people would imagine, why not take the side of a throttle brake is designed to do? Theoretically it is possible, but if the formation of such bad habits, once the driving manual transmission models, the driver the possibility of mistaken the accelerator when the brake will be higher. So this change is very dangerous.

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