Ching Ming Festival highway driving Precautions

According to "major holidays waive the small passenger car toll plan" provides that the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Labor Day, National Day and other four national holidays waive the small passenger car road tolls.

So this year's festival, free high-speed!

1, the festival free time:

April 2 to 4

2 ,, free high-speed periods:

Holidays start from the first day of 00:00 to 24:00 the end of the last day of the holidays. Ordinary highway toll station to the vehicle through the toll lane time shall prevail, to the highway exit toll lane departure time of the vehicle shall prevail.

3, high-speed, traffic-free range:

Free passage of vehicles traveling a toll road range of 7 or less (including 7) passenger vehicles, including allowing ordinary toll highway motorcycle.

Ching Ming Festival highway driving Precautions

Note A: Do not wait for illegally parked before the free period

Many vehicles in line with the free passage will be pulled into the service area or the toll booth before the free period, wait until the free time to the station. This will undoubtedly make the service area or toll booths cause congestion, once this discovery, the owner will be penalized fine.

Matters II: the end of the free period must not speeding

When free period coming to an end, many owners want to leave the high-speed as soon as possible, so there will be a number of cases speeding. In order to ensure road safety, will conduct a serious investigation during high-speed overspeed situation, the owners have to be careful!

Matters III: overcrowded buses will be severely punished

According to the situation in previous years, a number of 7 or less of passenger situation often overloaded. During the National Day, will conduct a serious investigation on the high-speed overload situations: overcrowding more than 20?a fine of 500 yuan, subtract 12 points, overloading less than 20?will be fined 200 yuan deducted 6 points.

Matters IV: 7 more buses do not go free channel

Free period, toll stations will be set up in line with a dedicated lane make models by. But many more than seven vehicles, in order to enjoy a free pass, often into the mix. This would no doubt affect the traffic, so the above seven vehicles, do not go free channel.

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