The greater the viscosity of the oil, the more the fuel is more than the oil?

I recently found a question to be discussed by netizens. For a long time: the higher the oil viscosity, the more obvious the fuel consumption, the lower the noise of the engine. Although in theory, engine oil with high viscosity of the engine will increase fuel consumption, noise changes, but whether the actual situation is like netizens saying significantly? Always, there are some brands of different viscosity on hand on the hand. The oil, the colleague is not in his car key, so you can measure it. It is not too late to get together.

Netizen appeared: After exchange for high viscosity oil, the car fuel consumption increases, noise changes

In a forum of a brand a model, a netizen tells the experience of "fuel consumption" after exchange of high viscosity oils.

In addition to fuel consumption, the noise change of the engine is also the topic discussed by netizens.

What should I test this time this time?

How big is the impact of oil viscosity on vehicle fuel consumption and engine noise? In order to see this gap, the truth of the truth has found three different viscosity oil and a test vehicle, and make a simple test.

This test method and instrument tool

Test object: The truth of the truth is stored in three common viscosity of the same brand, namely 5W-30, 5W-40, 5W-50, respectively. The truth is the car, it is a Dongfeng Citroen Xinshi, has already ran more than 10,000 kilometers, and the oil viscosity used is 5W-30, which is used to do the test car.

Test Instrument: Digital Noise

Test method: We put the oil viscosity in the order of low to high (5W-30 5W-40 5W-50), fill it into the test vehicle, each time, replace the oil filter, as much as possible Reduce the residual amount of old oil oil.

After the hot bus, we opened the car to the gas station (in fact, the gas station is next to the change of the oil supply, full of fuel tanks (filled into the extent of the oil surface), then run a circle according to the scheduled route, return The gas station once again filled the fuel tank and converts the average fuel consumption value of the test according to the amount of the oil and small mileage. The noise test of three oils is carried out in the fixed section of the way.

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