Abuse the harm of fog lights

We are in the night of visibility, or there will be many vehicle habits on the road to open the front and rear fog lights, and the fog light is used as a daily lighting. This method of abused the fog lamp is actually caused serious interference to other drivers, and its bad influence is not subjected to abuse of high beam. Can the fog light becomes "destroyed the murder"? I am not in a glamorous, everyone will continue to see it.

What is the difference between fog lights and low beam?

Why can't you use the fog light as a daily lighting? Let's take a look at the comparison chart below. These two pictures are shot in a destined night, we can very intuitively see what is the difference between the fog lamp and the low beam light.

The difference between the fog lamp and the low beam is the illumination angle, brightness, light source penetration, and the like. In these aspects, the fog light is stronger than the low beam.

The role of the low beam is to illuminate the range of a certain distance before the car, and the irradiation angle is lower than the horizontal line, and the power of the bulb is not large, so it does not interfere with the driver of other vehicles.

However, in the foggy day, the low-spirited low-profile lights are very difficult. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the fog light to make up the low-grade lightless defects that cannot penetrate heavy rain and defects. Therefore, the fog light can only be used as an emergency lighting tool under bad weather conditions, and cannot be used as a daily illumination.

In order to make everyone feel more intuitive, I found a good night, using the driving recorder on my own car, photographed some pictures of the vehicles in chaos. Let's take a look at the high visibility environment, there is a lot of eyes in front of the fog light:

From the screen captured from the driving recorder, the brightness of the fog light is much higher than that of the ordinary light, and it is observed with the naked eye, and the degree of gliding is more serious than the video capture screen. If the driver's eyes are illuminated by the fog lights, it is easy to show the feeling of dizzy, and the title of "Destroying the Killing" is this ...

What happens when needed?

Since this stuff is called "fog lights", then it must be used in the rain and fog. Article 81 of the Implementation Regulations of the People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law, stipulate that when the rain mist is less than 200 meters, the motor vehicle should open the fog light.

The vehicle of the fog lamp is turned on, and the line of sight of other drivers is indeed a lot of disturbance, especially the vehicle of the fog lamp. The fog lamp will become very glaring in a good visibility. The glaring fog lamp lights, which will cause interference to other drivers and even harm, which will cause a car accident. Therefore, traffic regulations in many countries have clearly stated that the vehicle is prohibited to open the fog lamp in the case of good visibility.

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