Hidden car five small function, a critical moment can help!

In addition to a car accident doors, windows where you can also escape? I do not know how to get off the direction of the tank cover? Visor can block the light side? ...... on some of the popular little knowledge on the car, you know how much?

Also height-adjustable belt

Many people do not know that seat belts can be height adjustable. The belt adjusting device is typically mounted on both sides of the vehicle B-pillar, hold the adjustment button can adjust the height. The correct position should be close to the shoulder belt extends downward, rather than placed near the neck, or in the event of a traffic accident, the belt will become a deadly weapon.

Automobile outside rearview mirror with a line

Many car owners after the discovery left outside rearview mirror with a line, some owners believe that this is a vehicle defects occur in the manufacturing process. However, it is not. The reason for this design left rearview mirror is to widen the field of view when driving, reduce blind sight. This can allow the driver and line, turning and when a rear observation, and to provide security assistance.

Sunshade panel side of the light can be blocked

Most car owners in the car, all the front visor down to block the sun. However, when the sun turned sideways, how to do? I tell you, also blocked with a visor. Because the light blocking plate in addition to the outer turn, breaking out also turned to the side, thereby blocking the side surfaces of the dazzling light shining.

See Table lamp direction from the oil tank cap

Car friend has no such experience, parked the car into the gas station to refuel stop only to find the wrong position, fuel tank cap and no side near the oil gun, good embarrassing.

In fact, to distinguish fuel filler position is not difficult, a lot of the fuel gauge indicates the models have a small arrow, the arrow points to which side, which side the fuel filler on. However, not all models have the standard instructions for the owner does not have, you can only rely on your own memory of.

The car has "escape hatch"

When a car accident, you want out of the vehicle, the first reaction is to escape from the person inside the car doors, windows, skylights. However, some of the more serious accident can cause body deformation, conventional means of escape may not be able to help you successfully escape. At this point, there is a place to save your life, and that is the trunk.

Many models in the trunk with the switch, the critical moment can recline rear seat occupants, climb the trunk by the trunk opening switch escape. However, not all models have this device. Further, the method and the open position of the different models of this device is different.

In addition to more than a few, there are many hidden features on board, you need to know more about their car less, would certainly have been found. More car car keep knowledge, and please stay tuned to us.

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