Fifty-one high-speed car Notes

Vehicle speed on the highway, very large flow of people during the holiday, often easily lead to all kinds of accidents. So, 2017 fifty-one high-speed driving precautions, what does?

1, security check

Automotive braking systems, tire pressure be worn on the highway before the inspection, the brakes are not in place to avoid the emergency brake appear, and whether the tire pressure is too low or too high is not conducive to driving at high speed, it can easily lead to a flat tire, high speed tire harm resulting fatal puncture, so no matter how careful inspection car vehicle can not be overemphasized.

2 seatbelt

The second point is that high-speed driving precautions fasten your seat belts. In fact, whether it is an ordinary road or highway motorists should wear seat belts, rear passengers also need to wear seat belts when driving at high speed, encountered only when braking, seat belts or to be able to save your life, do not underestimate the seat belt role.

3, to maintain a constant speed

On the highway, we generally faster than the speed, it should be kept constant speed driving, do not be a quick, one will be slow, it will not only detrimental to other vehicles, will greatly reduce fuel economy of their car.

4, try to travel in a lane

Do not frequently change lanes on the highway, for a while in the passing lane, the lane for a while, not in the emergency lane without indicating deceleration and stop. When driving, do not, and other vehicles traveling side by side, and do not for a long time traveling in the passing lane, not trying to go from the emergency parking lane to overtake. At the same time to do when changing lanes at high speed in advance to avoid missing intersections.

5, far away from large vehicles

Large domestic heavy-duty vehicles are generally poor condition, often overload condition occurs, can easily lead to a puncture control and other issues. If an accident occurs around the car really great harm. So be sure to travel on the highway as far away from the cart, not a long trailing, not traveling side by side. Overtaking, then the time is ripe, decisive action quickly overtake.

6, parking is necessary to pay attention to warning

If the highway driving, due to failure need to temporarily shut down for maintenance, should turn right turn signal in advance to leave the lane, or parked in the emergency strip right shoulder of the road, parking is prohibited in the driveway, and should open the "double flash" and put warning signs at the rear at 150m. If a failure occurs in the tunnel, as long as the vehicle can travel, we drove out of the tunnel should as far as possible, do not park in the tunnel. If you can not travel, highway management side should seek prompt by telephone or maintenance company's help. It can not be privately trailers and other treatment.

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