Error car habit summary

"The car is becoming increasingly popular, but what exactly the problem with the car note, few people concerned." Car habits lead to injury due to incorrect car, examples abound damaged car. The car habit properly or not directly related to the life of the car. Such as the engine, if properly maintained, open 500,000 to 600,000 km no problem. And were properly maintained, it may be necessary to overhaul less than 100,000 km, the difference between life five or six times.

So, exactly what car the wrong habits, easy to hurt the car damaged car, but often we ignore it?

First: The longer the age of the vehicle, the more lazy maintenance

When a new car, the maintenance frequency is high, a little bit of a problem and ran 4S shop. Available car for a long time, it is less and less attention to vehicle maintenance, should Mr. is an extreme example of them. In fact, the car's maintenance frequency should be proportional to the age of the vehicle. The longer the car use, the greater the number of mileage, maintenance should be more frequent. For example, car maintenance once every 10 years, 10,000 km of old cars, should it be serviced once every 1,000 kilometers. Today, the provisions of more than 6 years old used car, need inspection every year, is the truth.

Second: a steering wheel to play in the end

In the process, learn to drive, coaches sometimes make students "hit the steering wheel in the end", that is to allow the car to walk more accurate. But later studies, many owners still retained the habit, even intensified pursuit direction, this habit is very hurt car, because it will make the steering system of the ball, connecting rod wear is greatly increased. Also for the car with a power steering, when the steering wheel booster pump output killed maximum fluid flow to the steering machine, the hydraulic pressure within the system so that power and a sharp increase in oil temperature, power system can lead to damaged or leaking.

Third: a foot brake in the end

Meng throttle, slam on the brakes, a lot of people like style of driving. Currently the car is mainly used disc brakes and drum brakes two kinds. It is the use of disc brakes with a brake disc friction brakes can brake, brake pads is the loss element. Often slammed on the brakes, it will greatly shorten the life of brake pads. Some cars can brake pads to replace 40,000 km, 10,000 km and some cars will be replaced. And if regular drum brakes slam on the brakes, but also easily lead to overheating of the brakes fail, affect safety. So slams on the brakes is a last resort whom do usually drive or should "pumping" based.

Fourth: "Lu Yu injustice" fuel door

Many people drive fast action sucker punched, over speed bumps, Goukan not slow down. Encounter potholes road, also throttle speed. These habits, ranging susceptible wheel alignment system, leading to deviation of the vehicle, or affect tire life, while the influence of the vehicle suspension, and sometimes will scrape Goukan to a vehicle chassis, and even bring disaster engine.

Fifth: random up and down the curb

This is the car tires of "killer." Hankook Tire has to statistics, in China, 70?f the tire damage due to cars up and down the curb. In particular sideways to squeeze onto the curb, it can easily lead to tire rupture. In addition, in the unit, when the district can not find parking spaces, many owners will borrow flower beds, along the road, the car stopped sideways on all day. As everyone knows, this parking mode, the steam pressure will make tires for a long time is not balanced, and very likely to cause tire bulge.

Sixth: Gasoline alarm continued to travel

If the tank warning light lit up, it means that the tank is running low. But the old drivers know, with the remaining fuel, the average vehicle can also travel tens of kilometers. However, there are many models of fuel pump, mounted directly on the bottom of the fuel tank, fuel pump rely on gasoline for lubrication and cooling. If the number of missing too much gasoline, traveling in the state, can not get the right fuel pump lubrication and cooling, it is likely to cause damage to the pump.

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