Electronic parking brake function in the end this is really not practical

Most car manufacturers currently on the market have adopted the electronic parking brake instead of the traditional manual handbrake, on the one hand operation easy, on the other hand do not take place, but it also hides a fatal weakness, I have a follow up to check it out below!

1, for example, when the vehicle battery power is low, electronic parking brake will stop working This is a fatal weakness.

2, the electronic handbrake mainly through the intelligent control electronics, if any problems will occur leading to the parking system failure, maintenance it is quite complicated.

3, electronic parking brake and handbrake as the traditional manual, if the vehicle is in motion is the hand brake is turned on is very dangerous, if low-speed electronic handbrake pulled up immediately after the failure, if the high-speed driving electronic parking brake is turned on, the system will operate do not think may not work, but has been pressing starts, the consequences can be imagined.

There are two real situation I encountered

The first one: ready to pull over, sitting on the side of the child tamper with electronic handbrake, handbrake start this time, the tire suddenly be killed.

Second: Parking wait in line for a red light, then bend over to pick something, right foot accidentally hit the accelerator almost rear-end, because the electronic parking brake to stop working when not manually, you can unlock with just step on the gas.

With the development of society, science and technology are developing day by day, I believe most will sooner or later one day drove the liberation of our hands, but everything has two sides, took electronic parking brake, the function is good, but also hidden a fatal weakness , then again to drive carefully, always pay attention to.

Reversing the risk, R files need to be cautious