How to distinguish tire pressure

First, talk about how to check before going on the bus:

1. In front of the vehicle, from the distance, from the distance to the front of the front, check the vehicle around, including whether the vehicle license plate is lost, or the deformation occlusion causes unnecessary punishment, and whether there is an obstacle at the bottom of the vehicle to avoid vehicles At start, damage to the vehicle and pedestrians.

2, check if there is oil leak, distinguish the odor of the liquid to distinguish the oil, antifreeze, glass water, if it is oil or antifreeze leak, the vehicle must repair the repair shop, can not drive away, avoid Mechanical failure causes the vehicle that cannot be driven, causing unnecessary trouble.

3, start a long knowledge! ! ! How to distinguish the tire tire pressure in the naked eye. If you are distinguished by tire pattern, you can judge a few tire pressure! Everyone may think that the tire pattern is for non-slip and drainage design, how can I identify tire pressure.

The normal tire tire pressure, the number of floral and ground contact should be 6, which is normal 2.2-2.5 atmospheres.

If the pressure loss is less than normal tire pressure, the number of floral and ground contact will be greater than 6 patterns, more than 8 patterns contact the ground, and there is less than 2 atmospheres in tire pressure.

The left front tire pressure detection is: 1.9 atmosphere, the number of tread pattern and the ground contact is 7!

Vioence, if the floral and the ground contact is less than 6 patterns, the tire pressure will be greater than normal tire pressure, two abnormal cases have seriously affected safe driving. Curious little friends can try it with this method, prerequisites you have a gas pump.

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