Correctly use windows

It is already a lot of hot weather, and the rhythm of people can be heated outside. For people who have cars as a test tool is still very happy, the air conditioning can be blown every day. However, the summer air conditioner is blowing more, it will easily get air conditioning, then we need to ventilate the air, then we need to pay attention to the development of the ventilation process? Let me introduce it to you.


First, open single side window: tattoo gas (smoke)

Single side window

The main purpose of the single-side window opened is the uncomfortable air in the vehicle. Smoking friends should most touch. When smoking, open the window on this side, the second-hand smoke is very fast, although it is also possible to send it to another place, but, this window is undoubtedly the best effect! I will recommend it again. A small trick, the window opens a slit, which is a little bit on the side of the window, so the fog is faster, nor will it blow to the rear passenger! If it is too big, the passengers behind will be blown by the wind. feeling bad!

Second, the custom order side front window (odor is discharged)

Tax side front window

It is to turn on the window next to the driver, then open another 3 fans! Why is this possible to discharge the odor? Because the window will open the window, air circulation will be very unbalanced, and the air movement also has obvious directionality. ! The odor in the car can be discharged quickly!

Third, when high speed, don't open the side window (danger)

At high speed, don't open the side window

When driving on the high speed, don't open the window, open the window open a window, do not open the two windows on the same side at the same time! Why? Because this, the air flow will directly insert the car directly! At this time The passengers in the other side are particularly strong. If flying into a leaf, it is very big. There will be a destruction risk! I suggest not open the window on the side!

Fourth, the window is closed after the window (excellent)

Single side rear car window close

Close the three windows, only one of the rear rows! This window is excellent! The reason is: On the rear row side, the window will leave a high-air pressure area in this area. The wind is soft, the wind is soft! People are more acceptable. And there will be no possibilities that enter the debris! Of course, some people have a dramatic throwing objects. We will not mention it! This way to open the window is excellent, excellent ventilation.

Five, oblique diagonal window (lower noise in the car)

Oblique diagonal window

Sometimes when driving, open the window, the noise will be big! I feel hot, I want to ventilate, the voice is big, and the diagonal is good. It is a window in front of a window and behind the rear! This is not just a ventilation effect. And there is nothing sound, you can do this when the little basin is sleeping, let the child papers quietly sleep!

Six, do not open (not! Often! No! Good!)

Do not open the window

Some friends believe that the four windows are all the best way to ventilate! In fact, it is really not, so that the window will make the air flow in the car in the car! The airflow emissions around the window reaches the peak! At this time, Small objects in the car are inclined, or even damage! If the inside of some cars is not installed, it may be blown off! So, not recommended 4 letters to open at the same time!

7. It is recommended that the high speed is not open window.

It is recommended that the high speed does not open the window.

Whether it is from the fuel level or from noise even from safety, the high-speed window price is not so high! And the inside and outside the inside and outside the inside and outside the air conditioner! Keep the circulation of the air in the car! So no matter the human body, Still a car, is the best state!

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