During the Spring Festival Car Maintenance

Spring will be here soon, many people are beginning to work outside the home after another. There by plane, train there, but also drive yourself home. Say the most convenient, it is none other than non-car, neither suffer do not wait for the suffering to grab votes. But for the owners of the distance, the car may be too tired to go home. So, they will usually put the car in Shenzhen. So, long home to this vehicle should pay attention to what and how to maintain it?

We all know that the car once suspended for some time, many problems can occur; for example, oxidation of the oil, rubber aging, battery disadvantage tire will deform and so on. So, how to solve these problems is the primary task of the car in front of the owners home.

First, before going home

1. good car cleaning

Former car park, cleaning is essential, should the whole car wash finishing clean, do not leave mud stains. In addition, the upper limit of the tire pressure to be transferred, to fill up the tank, and make sure the entire vehicle close circuit; car suspended before, disconnect the battery should be fully charged linker.

2. Choose a suitable parking spot

If able to do so, the best vehicle parked in the underground garage, if parked in the open-air parking, the car must give the cast a garment. Select thick layers of car covers as much as possible to effectively reduce the effects of the sun or rain to finish. Remember not cheap vehicles parked on the ground directly to the door or shop parking cell, so damage to the vehicle is not necessary.

3. People start clicking every few days

If the owner does not have a local or a friend back home, you can entrust a friend about the car every few days to start, even if it is a few minutes or, which would allow battery rechargeyour.

4. Anti-rodent

During the car park, very sensitive to two things: First, wet, and second rodent. Moisture will not only metal corrosion, but also damage the electrical components, for which a high degree of automation of the car is fatal. Rodents many people may not agree, but it's destructive power is often beyond people's imagination. Wires, tires, interior parts will become their mouth food. Therefore, to seriously clean up the cab, do not use too wet cloth to wipe, to avoid too much moisture.

The best way is to use a vacuum cleaner, and with as little things like cotton swabs, sponges article, will eliminate the dirt away. In addition, 4S shop expert also suggested that the battery can be removed, because the fear of being bitten wire after causing a short circuit, causing a fire. Rodenticide conditions can also be placed in the car to reduce the risk factors.

Second, the return

1. Check battery charge and

Used car generally lead-acid batteries. Once the car is suspended characterized by self-discharge is generated. Under normal conditions, can self-discharge the battery every day and night capacity decreased by more than 1?Especially serious is the long-term battery self-discharge, the surface of the plate to produce sulfide, affecting battery recharging effect, may eventually lead to the battery early retirement.

Accordingly, after the back, if the battery charge amount not feel enough, turn off all kinds of electrical equipment, so that the engine rpm at 2000/min rotation for about 5 minutes, the charge on the battery.

2. Start does not exceed 5 seconds

Car a long time, may not start when a restart, you need two or three times. It should be noted each time starting should not exceed 5 seconds. That is, if more than a week did not drive, when used again, be careful start, careful use of other components.

3. The first time you start to ventilate

If the engine launch is successful, you should check the various functions are normal, the vehicle should be ventilated for several minutes.

4S shop to mention the car Precautions