Driving test subjects two rear-view mirror adjustment method

Subject 2 test how to find the correct point is very important, which requires participants regulate the rearview mirror to observe. How to adjust those two subjects rearview mirror? Here to share two subjects mirrors properly adjusted method.

Adjust the left mirror

Adjusting the vertical position to the surface area accounted for half mirror; see after the guaranteed lowest point of the wheel pressed onto the ground under the premise, as far as possible so that the mirror body representing 1/4.

Right side mirror adjustment

Driving position on the left side, so the driver of the situation is difficult to grasp the right side of the vehicle body, thus adjusting the right side rearview mirror on, the next position, the floor area should occupy 2/3 of the mirror, to see the rear wheel eyebrow (the upper portion of the wheel), and the left and right to adjust the position of the mirror to the vehicle body occupied by 1/4.

Central rearview mirror adjustment

Left and right to adjust the position of the left edge of the mirror, to cut himself in the mirror image of the right ear occasion, in general, from the center of the rearview mirror, see themselves, and the upper and lower positions is the distant placed in the center of the horizon mirror. Adjusting essentials are: middle horizontal pendulum, put the left ear, i.e., disposed transverse centerline horizontal distance of the center position of the mirror, and then move around, their image to the right ear on the left edge of the mirror.

Two subjects how to adjust the rear-view mirror

Mirrors Analysis:

After about mirrors properly adjusted can see the outline of part of the front and back doors [two] door handles and rear part [orange], and left feeling slightly adjust the rear-view mirror, the right mirror adjustment slightly lower ;

from the mirror due to the difference in the case of the same pitch on both sides, the left mirror [3,4] bits wider than the fingers of the right mirror fingers bits [2], and the right rear-view mirror of the vehicle body sense line yellow line and not parallel, but parallel to the left rear-view mirror;

reversing the process, the direction where to play side, which side rear swing go out, while the front is swung in the opposite direction, it is possible to look through the left rear wheel swinging direction can be determined whether the left rear-view mirror back straight direction;

warehousing them if there is any left and right side of the body spacing is too narrow, meaning straight back after the steering wheel has not been adjusted, only early to judge the trend of movement of the rear, in advance adjust the steering wheel.

Advice for students:

Communicate 1, the error appears on the understanding with the coach to understand the gap between reality and the width of the rear-view mirror width, to grasp the trend of sports cars warehousing;

2, learn to drive is not the pursuit of perfection, conformity is the last word, straight back to the steering wheel to the steering wheel to adjust the body judgment call, enhance their sense of direction judgment, to reduce the phenomenon of disorderly adjustment direction;

3, relax thinking, training their own strong logical thinking, the first two, do not rush to do a post-action essentials.

Driving test subjects two sides of the orientation of the parking skills