Driving test as early as possible, the new regulations Kesan difficulty has been upgraded

Today's driver's license test is becoming increasingly difficult, I still remember driving test that would be, or the written test traffic rules, then learn warehousing, road test to get away. And now, especially after the difficult No. 7.1 new rules skyrocketed, so that the old driver looked a little deterred. Why is it so hard in the end? To limit or restrict what people buy a car road kill?

Now I give home analysis, Kesan in the end what had been done to enhance, hoping to help a driver's license friend.

1, one hundred Mega lower gear

Under the new rule one hundred Mega lower gear must be completed within 200 meters, and the speed is above 20KM/h in.

6 6 not ask you! This means that when you hear the command to begin operating, as long as you are a little slower or get distracted basically never finish.

2, turn signal

We all know that U-turn, overtaking, turn, change lanes is needed to fight signal in advance, but when the new regulations, before flashing turn indicators must be at least 3 seconds, or else be considered substandard.

So when the exam in advance when playing fast cornering lights, rather 1,2 seconds ahead, and not be late or forget!

Kesan now more on the details of the control, a total of 16, we must have a good grasp of every detail, do not hesitate when the brakes, safety first.

Finally, I wish you a speedy pass driving test, driving to get this as soon as possible to join us!

After reading this article you dare say you are older drivers it?