Do you need to pay taxes?

When the car is used to a certain period of time, it will be compulssed, but the policy now has changed, and the car with severe exhaust gas will be compulsory. So, 2019 scrapped car environmental subsidy requires taxation? What is the standard of tax payment? Let's learn together!

First, 2019 scrapped car environmental subsidies need to pay taxes?

Vehicle scrap subsidies do not use value tax, but need to be included in the income tax income and current profit and loss, and report payment of corporate income tax according to law.

In order to further accelerate the pace of the high-discharge old motor vehicle phase-out update, effectively reduce the emission of motor vehicle pollutants, continue to improve the air quality of the capital, and formulate "Beijing City to promote high-emissions old motor vehicle phase-out updates". From December 1, 2016 to the end of 2017, the light gasoline cart in III II emission standards can obtain government subsidies. Among them, the elimination of the top prior to June 2017 was eliminated from July to December, 2017, 2000 yuan. During the intersection of new and old policies, the subsidy policy is not low.

Second, government subsidies, enterprise rewards and standards

(1) Range and standards of government subsidies

During December 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017, high-discharged old motor vehicles that were disintegrated with disintegration can enjoy government subsidies. Vehicles with mandatory scrap periods need to perform a government subsidy for 1 year and above in advance. The disintegration of disintegration is subject to the vehicle file logout time provided by the public security traffic management department. In the Beijing Central State Administrative, the party and government organs at all levels and other levels of financial support units were scrapped, and they did not enjoy government subsidies.

(2) Romance and standards of enterprises


When the owner of disintegrating high-discharged old motor vehicle is replacing new car, its new car model belongs to the third-party transaction platform publicity model, and has a reward in the vehicle model.

Reward standard

Encourage automobile manufacturers to increase the owners of the new car after the disintegration, the proposal is not lower than the government subsidy. New cars published in the third-party transaction platform in a third-party transaction should be market guidance prices.

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