4 useless car modified products

With the development of the automobile industry, the car modification products on the market are also five flowers. Most products claim to improve the various performances of the vehicle, but is it really like they propaganda? Actually, in your choice dizziness After dazzling, you will find how many uses that can actually use it in actual use or an unknown number.

Chicken ribs modified 1-electronic rectifier

By studying the internal research of automotive electronic rectifiers displayed online, most automotive electronics rectifiers are used in parallel with large capacitors, and some are plus several relays, as parking power-off protection. Its functions are claimed to be regulated, rectified, improve sound quality, but I think it is actually used to increase and stabilize the voltage.

Depending on the principle of capacitance peak, in the case of the regulator 13.8V, the high-speed driving may make the full vehicle voltage up to 15V. Thus, although there is also a voltage regulation on electronic devices such as car driving computers, DVD hosts, but since the vehicle electronic equipment is working within 12V DC, the voltage adaptation range design of electrical equipment is not too large. It must cause threats of high voltage impact, and accelerate the aging of electronic components. According to most automotive manufacturers, 4S will not be warranty because the owner has problems in the vehicle owner's own installation equipment.

There are a lot of installation of automotive electronic rectifier riders. After installation, launch venue is stable, the reason is that due to the low speed of electricity, the capacitor group is unstable, the instantaneous power of the whole car related appliance is affirmative. . However, it is mainly that the capacitive group has changed the original design to improve the ignition coil peak square wave (improved voltage), it seems to enhance ignition efficiency, but will not make the actual operating voltage of the high voltage coil greatly exceed the original design voltage ( Especially at high speeds), causing high pressure coils to increase premature damage?

Automotive electronic rectifiers must be used with caution. If the automotive electronic rectifier does not design protection circuit or the protection circuit is unreasonable, it is very harmful. At the very least, there is a lot of hidden dangers that cause fire. In particular, the hot summer, the capacitance is a big discount at the engine warehouse at high temperatures.

The car tail is too much, what do they mean?