Do you know the car is also ESC key it?

Now the basic family car has electronic stability system (ESP) configuration, he was not electronic parking brake or automatic start and stop buttons used so frequently, but it can play a role when the vehicle is dangerous to happen, exactly what is the use of this button, I just as we talk about.

What is ESP

Vehicle stability system, do not think Italy is to keep the car stable function, for example, in winter or rainy days, the vehicle is traveling on icy roads, slippery tires direction of movement of the body is not under control, then the ESP system to intervene to help the vehicle can reply state control to ensure driving safety.

When to shut ESP

1, the car into the sand or mud, when the wheels are slipping or idling state, ESP intervention slip by default, when the electronic system reduces engine speed, throttle to reduce the amount of intake air, so even if you have no friends step in the end usefulness, if this happens then can turn off the ESP button.

2, closed drift ESP performance, the drift of each tire when the vehicle speed is different, then the ESP will automatically intervene by reducing the difference between the wheel speed limiting it must first close the button.

3, the northern city of snow days and some cars will be fitted with snow chains, snow chains principle is to increase friction with the ground wheels have, but may tire detection signal is inaccurate, affect ESP judgment, it is necessary to turn off.

In fact, just the country, it is called ESP, commonly known as ESC internationally, and some models of the ESP is not manually closed. After reading it I believe we have some understanding of ESP!

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