Do you have all the 8 necessary tools for the national day self driving tour?

The long National Day holiday is coming soon. I believe that many little friends have planned their own routes and are ready to take off. So the little friends who plan to drive on their own pay attention to that there will inevitably be some small faults on the road. So it is very necessary to prepare some small tools in the car, which will be of great use at the critical moment. Which tools are necessary for car owners? Come and have a look.


Car spare tire

Essential index:

Most of the car's spare tires are placed under the partition in the luggage compartment, and some of the off-road vehicles' spare tires are directly hung outside the tailgate or under the vehicle. No matter which way, it is necessary to ensure that spare tires, tire repair agents, etc. are carried with the vehicle and in normal use, so as to remedy the tire problems.


Jack, wrench

Essential index:

In the process of driving, in case of tire leakage or blowout, although you can call the rescue phone to solve the tire problem, if the owner has an emergency, waiting for the rescue vehicle may delay the business. It's better to change the tyres by yourself. Jack + wrench, help you save a lot of trouble. It takes about ten minutes to change a tyre. Does it save a lot of time compared with waiting for a rescue car?


Emergency medical aid package

Essential index:

To ensure whether the items in the rescue package are within the validity period, the rescue package will generally be prepared, such as bandages, medical cotton, tweezers and even medical bandages, so as to facilitate the timely rescue in case of accidents and minor injuries and avoid the deterioration of injuries.


On board toolbox

Essential index:

Some basic tools are usually placed in the car toolbox, including spanner, driver, screwdriver, wheel key, etc. When you encounter some small faults, repair them by yourself, and the car toolbox will help you solve the problems.


Fire Extinguisher

Essential index:

There are several cases of auto ignition in the news every year. Although the probability of auto ignition is not high, but for the sake of safety, keep a fire extinguisher! I don't know which one will come first. There is a portable fire extinguisher that can save people's lives at any time.



Necessary index:

When driving at night, in case of vehicle failure, a powerful flashlight can be used to check the vehicle lighting, and it can also be used to send out a distress signal or signal other vehicles to ensure safety. In addition, the lower part of the engine compartment, the suspension part or the corner of the interior, with a flashlight to help, will also be a lot easier.


Trailer rope

Essential index:

The tow line is also a rescue tool, and the most direct way to rescue on the spot. If the car breaks down, you can turn to a passing car for help and drag it to the repair shop. When purchasing, pay attention to the maximum bearing weight of the rope. It is enough to use a trailer rope with a bearing capacity of 5 tons for a family car.


Vehicle operation manual

Essential index:

All new cars are equipped with a vehicle manual, which should be read carefully before driving. In case of vehicle failure or operation incomprehension, you can turn over a part of the manual to learn how to use it. The owner's manual contains the details of operation, use, repair and maintenance instructions. Only by carefully learning and understanding, can we ensure that the car can run normally and reliably, give full play to and maintain good technical performance, and can better extend the service life of the car.

You're ready. Let's start at ease! I wish you all a happy trip!

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