Do you believe that many years of keeping a car small recipe, actually there is a huge security risk!

July and August are the hottest season of the year

2 weeks of rain just ended

Weather hot up again

People are like, the car also do so!

Yiyanbuge thrown up a variety of small explosive temper

Many rivers and lakes in the spread of the car to keep a car on a hot day small recipe

Today I bring you get to know these remedies

1, thermal expansion and contraction, lower the tire pressure run-flat tires

Beijing's temperature exceeds 30 C, so many owners have to buck car tires to prevent puncture. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, as well as the vehicle is traveling at high speed, the temperature of the tires will rise higher.

Security risks:

High temperature will make the inside of the tire gas heating or cooling such a problem in the design of the factory has been taken into account, so given the normal tire pressure is applied to the hot weather of summer, even if a high-speed run no problem, there is no need to bother a. And after tests proved the fact that indeed is the case. All in all, according to the standard summer tire pressure tire pressure tire pressure driving given by the manufacturer is no problem, we do not need to deliberately lower the tire pressure of the tires in the summer.

2, the engine to cool down, the thermostat can be removed

The thermostat is a control member of the engine cooling system circulating coolant, when the coolant temperature is low temperature season will only control the coolant circulates through the body without passing through the radiator of the engine cylinders, when the coolant reaches a certain temperature and then through heat sink. When the hot summer, some owners to achieve the purpose of cooling, simply tear down the thermostat directly.

Security risks:

Engine optimum operating temperature between 80-90 degrees, both cold fear heat, temperature is too low, it will cause abnormal combustion engine, the thermostat removed, would increase the heat dissipation of the cooling system, resulting in engine warm-up is slow, increased fuel consumption and increased engine wear.

3, quick wash drying, washing the exposure

Many people think that big out of the sun, just right car wash, dry wash also something else!

Security risks:

Drops of water on the vehicle body have convex mirror effect, it will accelerate the aging of the paint. If the paint has a tendency to aging, has a large area up painting when crossing the front windshield or a slight crack, but does not recommend washing immediately after exposure, because it may lead to cracked paint, the other will lead to increased fracture windshield !

4, not afraid of cold in summer, water substitute antifreeze

Antifreeze not only has the effect of cooling the engine, also has good low temperature and high temperature performance, in addition to corrosion, rust and other functions, so that water instead of antifreeze is wrong.

Security risks:

Sometimes on the road, the vehicle found water surface temperature is too high, can not find a time instead of coolant, they can find some bottled pure water to temporarily add, not the problem. And then by the time you convenience, or to change the coolant as well.

5, there is no freeze problem, replace water glass water

Many drivers feel hot day will not face the problem of freezing, so when the glass of water is gone, it is replaced with the home water glass water use. There are still some owners think that glass of water decontamination, not on the use of detergent or detergent for use in Sheung Shui act as a glass of water!

Security risks:

Common water contains a lot of calcium component, prolonged use is easy to plug the injection hole, or worse still may block the water passage glass affect the normal use; detergent in the detergent and most of the corrosive elements contained in the plastic parts of the vehicle, it is easy to make the pipeline aging, while accelerating the aging speed of the wiper strip may be severe damage wiper motor; I suggest, do not lose the greater!

6, trees are good shade

Many owners like to put the car parked in the shade, but are generally in the shade on the sidewalk, so some owners will open the front or the side of the body on the sidewalk.

Security risks:

Such parking greatest harm that sidewalk and the road there is the difference in height, bearing four tires are not the same, coupled with the hot weather, road surface temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the tires and causing a puncture while driving. I still want to park your car in a stable place, put the windows and around the block to the baffle, try to avoid prolonged exposure to the car. Of course, the best way is still the choice of parking underground garage.

Once again, I remind:

Summer car accidents are relatively frequent in the season

High temperature, such as rainy weather to bring a lot of traffic safety hazards

In addition to periodic routine maintenance

The security risks in the bud!

The new regulations have been issued a driver's license! Buy points has been the stage of history!