Different colors mean different license plates

Ran on the street all kinds of models, but also has a different color of the license plate, then, that the different colors of the license plate what it says there? Those special color plates would really Niubi it? In fact, there are things you want it to be too complicated, and today, we are concerned that this matter.

Black-rimmed black and yellow license plate: medium (or more) passenger, truck and special operations vehicles; Tractor; tram.

Blue white white frame license plate: the following medium-sized passenger, truck and special operations vehicles.

Black and white red "alert" character license plate: Automotive police car number plate

Black and white license plate: foreign car

Black and white, red, "make", "leading" character, a white frame plate: Embassy and consular car.

Red and white license plate, before the number of "test" sign.

Sky blue background text black license plate: a provisional license, the following figures indicate there is a valid date.

Black and yellow black "learn" the word license plate: black box line coach with the car.

ok, so the most common is several colors of the license plate, each color has a different meaning, you know yet?

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