Decryption function and design of large cars

While our time together every day, and the car is very long, but there are some you do not know the question, Have you ever wondered why only a fog? Why the hatchback from the windshield wipers? Why is plastic front and rear bumpers? Today, we say it together which is something you know very little contact with lack of problems every day.

1, why most car fog only one?

Manufacturers do not want to cut corners, but because of the fog lights and rear brake lights are red, like, so in order to distinguish it, the car will not be considered after you brake on the use of one eye design. Fog lights and other relatively strong penetration for comparison glare.

2, why the SUV, rear wiper hatchback will be?

The back of the hatchback glass is almost perpendicular to the ground, covered with dirt will cause rain, it is equipped with wipers is necessary, because the hatchback extended by comparison after the glass, gave the trunk lid occupies the basic box car with two not too bad, the traveling airflow to the dirt on the windows so it is equipped with a wiper.

3. Why is the plastic bumper skin?

Bumper Why not iron, so as the insurance ah. Plastic cylinder about to smash hit, in fact, very easy to understand, when the car hit people when first exposed to the bumpers, plastic softer in speed is not fast when the relative harm caused will be a small point, to reduce as much as possible hit man's injuries. Itself and the quality of the plastic is very light, can reduce the body weight of the crash can be better.

4, why not iron tank?

Initially the car tank is iron, although very strong but also very heavy. Iron tank in the event of a collision may cause sparks, very dangerous so slowly iron tank was replaced by the resin tank. On the one hand the resin tank lighter weight, plasticity is also very strong, even if the degree of conflict is really hard is not the problem.

5, why can not separate the fog lamp is turned on?

First, because this problem is not complicated circuit design, why should such a design it? Because the fog is very harsh, strong penetration, generally used only in a dark environment, so as not to cause light pollution before and after the car, so do not do a separate opening function. The first step is to open the correct width light, can be opened front fog lights.

6, why non-full-size spare tire speed can not exceed 80km/h?

This non-full-size spare tire than the normal car tire smaller size, resulting in the spare tire wheel at slightly sinking, and models will be equipped with the same size after installed, but not the same as the width of the spare tire, but no matter what kind of tires are installed after the normal tire can not be the same as with the first force is not the same four tires, spare tire just to satisfy your emergency move, allowing you stick to the 4S shop deal with the problem, rather than as a normal fetal access. Generally there are limits to the spare tire, the speed can not exceed 50-80 Mai, the mileage is not more than 80 km, with a spare tire if a long time can cause damage to the suspension system deformation, behind things can imagine.

7, front windshield demisting function is turned on will force open the outer loop

When the weather is cold outside, the car will usually open this warm air, this time on the inside and outside temperature too much glass will fog affect driving vision, in which case we will choose the first half turned demisting button when you open demisting button loop mode will automatically become the outer loop, in fact, this is in order to allow external cold air into the car quickly, so that the temperature inside and outside the rapid integration of the fog will disappear quickly.

8. Why tires are black, no other colors?

As long as the material is rubber tire rubber, but the rubber itself is white, why our tires are black? Color is not the tire can not be made, in order to increase the wear resistance and black security, where if the rubber compound to the chemical elements and carbon or the like, the tire will become black. And tires are in direct contact with the ground, a long time what color will be black, so simply tire generally are black.

9. Why is there delay in the rear window glass of water spray

Now the city haze, dust weather is common, there will be a layer of dust on the car glass every day, we will clean up before driving, lazy direct spray a few open water glass wipers, will manually clean with a rag diligent point, but there rear wiper people will find that when the rear window spray, there will be significantly delayed, the reason is very simple, whether it is before and after spraying water from the cabin of the kettle. From nose to tail over a distance of several meters, of course, this will be a little slow, so it will cause delays.

10, why not see some antenna in the car?

BMW shark fin car knows, loading the roof looks very handsome, other models are a black antenna stick standing there, along with science and technology in the development of models now rarely seen such an external antenna , with our cell phones, mobile phones have the first antenna and the antenna are now hiding, hiding it where the? Note the heating wires your rear window, in fact, they are integrated together, such a low cost is also beautiful.

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