Correct use of jack

The spare tire is an important accessory of the car, and the top of the replacement of the wheel is an important part of the spare tire. On the 15th, the reporter learned in the interview that many drivers did not know how to use jacks, and they didn't know that the jack will bring a lot of damage to the vehicle in the wrong place.

"Car" jack can't be used for "big car"

"The jack can generally be divided into the top of the jack, the spiral jack, the hydraulic jack, and the inflatable jack. The top of the jack is more common in the top of the jack, because it has the advantage of light, small, easy to store. However, due to the limited weight of support, it is usually equipped with a household sedan with a self-weight of about 1 ton. "Mr. Jiang, Senior Automotive Engineer, said that manufacturers generally equipped with the self-weight of the model. In general, the jacks provided by the sedan are within 1.5 tons, while the off-road vehicle is large, and the jack is usually loaded with about 2.5 tons. Therefore, large cars should not use the jack of small cars to avoid security hazards when repairing vehicles.

It is understood that there is currently an inflatable jack in the self-driving hobby, which is an inflatable gas package with the exhaust gas of the vehicle. Generally, the maximum support weight of such jacks is around 4 tons, and the condition is more difficult to rescue or Self-help and get stripping of off-road vehicles.

Stop the vehicle before using jack

"If the vehicle is not fully fixed before the vehicle is supported, then in the process of support, it is likely to cause slipping phenomena because the vehicle slides. Once the car slipped from the top of the jack, the damage to the tool is still the second, if the person is repaired under the car The injury is too worse. "Jiang engineer said.

According to reports, the correct use of jack needs to stop the car, pull up the hand brake, the manual stop is hung in 1 stop or reverse, and the automatic stop must be hung into the P block. After that, the top of the jack must be used on a hard and flat road. If it is a relatively soft ground, such as mud road or sand pavement, it is recommended to use a wooden board or stone pad before using a jack, reduce the pressure, to prevent The jack falls into the soft ground.

The wrong support point will damage the chassis

Many owners have never used or personally replaced the tires in person, and have not read the introduction of the method and support points of jack in the vehicle manual carefully.

According to reports, there are special support points that support jacks, and the support points of the household vehicle are typically on the inside of the side skirt, like two fins on the side of the chassis, 20 cm behind the front wheel, front 20 cm, front 20 20 Cm centimeter. This fin is highlighted in the chassis steel plate, which can withstand a relatively large pressure. If you put a jack on the steel sheet of the chassis, it is likely to cause unnecessary damage to the chassis. In addition, the support is also an incorrect operation on the suspended holm, if the jack slippery, the chassis and jacks will be damaged.

Many knee rockers of many household vehicles are split structures. It is necessary to rotate with the supporting wrench and sleeve, so in the process of lifting a jack, it is necessary to uniform, cut too fast or too much.

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