Car skylight

Under the promotion of car advertising, the sunroof is held into a configuration that allows the car. Many people are not to pick the models of the skylight. However, if the owner just uses the sunroof "watching the moon", then it is too wasteful. In fact, the sunroof can also be homogenous in our car, solve the problem of driving safety or even the health of the car. Below, let's talk about the topic of car skylights.

Skylights can help the car "detoxification"

If you still find a way to eliminate harmful substances in the car, you may wish to look at the window of the car. Use it to "detoxify" - not to say any special decomposition substance in the sunroof, but the skylight The location allows it to facilitate the capacity of air circulation in the vehicle.

The sunroof is located at the top of the vehicle. When we open the sunroof during the driving process, the air outside the sunroof forms a "negative pressure area", that is, the air pressure inside and outside the car will have high and low differences.

Therefore, we can use the negative pressure principle. When driving, open the sunroof, which can remove the harmful substances in the car, and eliminate the odor in the car; if you drive to work in the morning, you should open the sunroof. Exterior car.

Winter open window can prevent glass from fogging

In the blink of an eye, I have to go to the winter. Many owners are used to closing the vehicle and windows in the winter, opening the heating in the car. But the time is long, the temperature difference between the car will get more and more, the window glass will easily fog, affect the horizons and driving safety, and people are also easy to be sleepy. In fact, just open some skylights, this problem can be solved.

Perhaps someone will oppose: the big winter is still open, who is there? Don't worry, we only need to open the sunroof to the backward state.

This also uses the negative pressure principle of the skylight. It can ensure that the temperature of the car will not lose too much, and can promote air flow, avoid the temperature difference, the glass will not always fog. This method can also be used when moving into the rainy day.

How to make the sunroof more durable?

Of course, our light knows how to use the skylights and not understand how to make the sunroof more durable. Next, we introduce some of the practical skylight maintenance methods.

1, pay more attention to the state of the sunroof rail

Electric sunroof is very cool, provided that the sunroof rail mechanism is in "healthy state" - ie no abbreviation, no deformation, high lubrication. The owner usually develops the habit of checking the daytime guide. If you wait until an abnormal situation, it is too late.

We can use the available lubricants for the skylight guides to lubricate, but there are also exciting and easy alternatives, that is, the industrial Vaseline, can buy a large bucket in the chemical store.

2, the use frequency of the sunroof cannot be too high

Although the skylight is also part of the window, its mechanical structure is different from the door window, and it is too delicate, so the frequency of use cannot be too high.

3, don't open the sunroof immediately when the cold car is cold

The winter in the north is cold. After the car stops overnight, the sunrise edge may be bluffed, and it can't be opened for the time being. At this time, the owner must not open the sunroof immediately, because the snow in the skylight trench will lead to an increase in the opening resistance of the sunroof, and the blind operation of the sunroof will cause the day window to switch the motor to burn.

4, bump road as much as possible

If the vehicle is driving in a bump section, it is best not to open the skylight. The car is driving on an unlabeled road, not only can't stand the people in the car, but the sunroof is easy to be interrupted.

Check the drainage state of the skylight before the rainy season

Are you completely sealed? Of course, the sunroof is actually "water", but the water that is infiltrated will flow from the drainage hole of the sunroof holder, and it will not enter the carriage. However, if you find that the edges of the sunroof in the car will seep over the rain, you have to check if the drain hole of the skylight is blocked.

Even if there is no such sunroof leak, in the winter, we must carefully check the state of the skylight drain hole to ensure that it does not block the clogging.

Summary: The skylight is not just the configuration of the show, it can also accelerate the air flow in the car and prevent the windows from fog, ensure the safety of the car, and the owner does not ignore the two practical skills of the skylight. In addition, the sunroof always belongs to the more delicate configuration. In addition to paying attention to the cleaning and lubrication of the window guide, it is necessary to use it when you use it, let the sunroof can serve us longer.

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