Can the engine failure light is on?

The engine fault lamp is a reminder function for automotive design to remind users how to drive safely. So, can you continue driving a car after the fault light of the engine is on? What should I do this? Now, let's come together to understand!

I. Working principle of engine failure:

The ECU is set to have several sets of fixed numbers to form a fault code to indicate the specific fault cause and location. This is what we often see when repairing the caching code is not the same as the diagnostic, and each fault code corresponds to the problem to make it better to find and resolve the fault.

The fault code is divided into a permanent fault code (only after the maintenance can be eliminated) and the instantaneous fault code (sometimes no fault). When the permanent fault code is time, the yellow fault light is always on, and the yellow fault light when the instantaneous fault code is not always bright, but will be stored. The ECU can store up to fifteen fault codes. Some owners will find yellow fault lights when driving, and later do not illuminate, that is, instantaneous fault code. For example, the sensor's contact is not good, not the sensor is broken. But the instantaneous fault code will still be left. If it is normal, then it is necessary to wait until the startup fifty times will be automatically eliminated.

Second, there are two cases of the engine fault light:

(1) Yellow symbol lamp, indicating that the engine is fault, but the fault does not affect the normal operation of the engine, but it must be maintained;

(2) Red symbol lamp, indicating that the engine has a serious failure, and it needs to be repaired immediately. If it is in a special road condition, it can be urgently exercised, but it is necessary to pay attention to the working state of the engine; but remind, the electrospray engine has Self-protection control system, will not let you regardless of the death of the engine;

Third, the engine fault light is overlink?

Not all engine fault lights can not be opened, if the engine fault light is on, the cabin is no different, the instrument has no other abnormality, the vehicle power is not affected, and the gearbox will have no effect. You can continue to travel by 4S shop further investigate, because Exhaust, etc. may cause engine fault lights, specific analysis.

This usual yellow engine fault lamp is also called an electrical spray system. As long as the engine power and sound do not have a special abnormal situation, it can still be opened. Because there is an alternate error program because there is an ECU. Once in numerous sensors, there is a sensor sensor failure. In order to ensure proper operation of the engine, the ECU replaces the parameters of the fault sensor according to the pre-preparation parameters set in advance to avoid the vehicle anchor. For example, the water temperature sensor is broken, and the ECU takes 80 degrees of backup values ??as the control parameters of fuel injection and ignition. So the opening is open, but it should also be repaired in time. If you do not solve it in time, the following conditions may occur:

1. The quality of the vehicle exhaust tail gas is deteriorated, polluted environment;

2, the car fuel consumption increases;

3, the temperature of the combustion chamber is increased, wear exacerbation, resulting in acceleration of engine wear;

4. Increased engine noise, affecting driving and comfort.

Therefore, when the fault light of the car is on, it is necessary to check the fault problem of the car in time, after the problem can be safely driving.

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