Self-driving tour is common

Self-driving tour is a happy thing, but it is easy to encounter embarrassment. In fact, as long as you are familiar with this car, you can't make a problem. What are the common mistakes that drive from the driving tour?

Phenomenon 1: Automatic port button cannot start

The automatic gear must be placed on the P (individual car contains n file) to start. Some cars do not even turn out the file in the P files that cannot be pulled out.

Reminder: Develop a good habit, place the gear on P before turning off. Check the gear before start.

Phenomenon 2: Steering wheel lock

The steering wheel does not move, the key is also twisted, it is the simple anti-theft function of the vehicle itself is just in the intersection of the key unlock and the locking column. As long as the press is observed, the needle is lightly rotating and then slightly screwing.

Reminder: When parking, try to remove the steering wheel back to the keys.

Phenomenon 3: Close all power supplies and turn off the fire or depart

Forget the small radio or headlight before the car, the vehicle stopped the electric battery in the battery was fired, causing the vehicle unable to start.

Reminder: If it is a manual car, you can turn the key to the on-site, hanging the gear; the automatic car, power is turned.

Phenomenon 4: Cannot be fired continuously

Attack, no continuous fire, it is easy to consume most of the power, and the next startup is not easy, even damaged the battery.

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