Car steering wheel is not actually all round?

Most of our daily saw the steering wheel is round, but you want to know why the steering wheel designed to round it?

Why car steering wheel is round?

1, more secure

Circumference of the circle to any point above the center of the steering wheel are the same length, it means that no matter where in the hand, the lever arm length of the steering wheel are the same. The steering wheel would not because of the severity of different hand grip positions, and changes. Joystick, angular or rectangular, triangular steering wheel when the accident occurred, to the man's chest poke, incalculable harm is really a.

2, more convenient

Because now the car is bigger and bigger, for daily parking, easy to turn around, set up more than 1: 1 steering ratio. 360-degree turn of the steering wheel, it is possible that the wheels turned 30 degrees.

I summarize: Although a long time inside a circular steering wheel has been mainstream. However, with the rise in recent years and fiery movement elements, flat-bottomed steering wheel more and more popular. With young consumers is expected to gradually become the main force of automobile consumption, the future of this type of steering wheel will become a favorite of consumers, let us wait and see!

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