Car noisy how to do?

Process usually drive or ride, we will find that the noise of the car sizes, in different vehicles as quiet car is not the same, this is mainly because of the different automobile noise effects caused.

So, how are car noise generated?

The main source of noise inside the vehicle and four areas: engine noise, tire noise, wind noise and road noise.

1, engine noise, noise will be generated engine itself, the intake system is the main noise, high-speed flow of air through the air filter, an intake pipe, valves into the cylinder, in which the flow of the process, is generated strong air noise. The main entry to the cockpit through the hood and firewall.

2, tire noise, tire noise by definition is generated when scrolling, mainly influenced by the tire pressure of the tire, traffic and quality. A mute strong tires, mainly by reducing the area of ??contact with the ground, use of an asymmetric pattern, with a relatively soft rubber or the like manner to reduce noise.

3, wind noise, a sound is mainly generated in the vehicle body by an air gap during traveling, traveling faster the more significant the sound.

4, road noise, road noise refers to high-speed driving, wind shear noise, vibration noise traveling drive chassis, chassis and gravel impact noise in general. Road noise intensity, serious noise pollution, seriously affecting the owners needs for a comfortable driving environment.

How to reduce the noise on the car?

If the car is doing a good job in terms of sound, it is undoubtedly a kind of torture for the driver and passengers in the car. Therefore, the installation of insulation materials for the car, has become a thing of the moment many owners never tired.

1. At the discharge soundproofing material footbed

Tire noise will pass through the chassis into the car, if we put the insulation material below the Ottomans, it will greatly reduce noise, do not believe you try, the best choice for insulation materials is not soft, thin section, and when to cut above the floor mats fit.

2. Place the noise cotton hood

Many cars are equipped with cotton insulation, but many models will be equipped with low-cut out, no it does not matter, a treasure to buy a car with their bonding, installed after there will be a multiplier effect, greatly reducing engine noise.

3. The rear seat back, the lower trunk mat plus noise cotton

In both places plus cotton insulation, can effectively block outside noise intrusion, after the tire to reduce the noise. Of course, if you, if troublesome, and money, another good point with a tire noise reduction can be between.

4. Add the door panel joint insulation strip

May be incorporated in the door panel of the strip plus noise, reduced wind noise, a sound directly enhance the grade. A lot of cars, a few years because the car opened the aging abnormal sound or external impact appeared not to fit the cause, you can buy some absorbent cotton, not attached to the anastomosis.

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