Car keys lost reconfigured to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of pieces of difference here

Two days ago a friend, did not know the car keys lost where to go, I want to go with a new one. The results call the 4S shop to know, again with a key but still want 2400 dollars? ! ! For friends of the encounter, today I will come and we talk about the car keys out how to do, what can be equipped with rapid low-cost method to the car keys.

Why so expensive reconfiguration key

There is still a very big difference because of its specificity and integrated functionality, car keys compared to home security door key. If an ordinary cylinder key need to record in the public security sector units coupled with a key on it. But if you need the remote control or smart key to the 4S shop to re-do a new key, the old key "security code" write-offs in order to use the new key. And some high-end imported cars need to return to Origin to match new keys.

Auto Parts City repair shop cheap

4S shop with the keys relatively safe but expensive, generally from 2000, while the BBA that almost all the intelligence we need more than the 3000. Auto Parts City to re-create the actual key will cost about 400 yuan

Auto Parts City, shorter repair shop

4S shop complex bureaucratic operational processes, the production cycle is generally two weeks, like BBA imported cars will need a month or two. Auto Parts City general crack + write + matching three-minutes to get, difficult to decipher for ultra-high models, production will not be more than two hours.


For safety, the Auto Parts City, with the key risk is limited, and some will be saved under the matching device owners "security code" and then secretly do a same key, the consequences would be disastrous. So you need to check other qualified personnel in advance. General formal or making car keys to unlock the public security departments for the record companies have licensed, and the need for personnel with key identity registration, registration include: identity card, driving license, driving license and vehicle production certificate (that is, "motor vehicle registration. certificate").

Bao also be equipped with a smart key

Now the Internet can be achieved "with the key cloud" of. Owners just use a bank card as a key reference background to take a picture on it with keys. If a chip or smart key, the master key can express in the past, businesses with a good re-sent back to remind owners to look for a treasure shopping evaluation.

Finally, I said: In fact, for with the key, the longer the process is simple Zaoxin, or look after their own car keys now!

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