Car Zhidongshiling cause of the malfunction

Automotive brake pedal stroke is too large, the braking action is slow, and even loss of braking efficiency is very low, increase braking distance.

cause of issue:

1, the brake oil pressure is insufficient. (In oil brake master cylinder, the brake hose rupture, leakage tubing joints, oil plug);

2, the air brake system;

3, the brake or the brake pedal free travel gap is too large, poor contact brake shoe friction plate, oil or badly worn;

4, the brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder piston and cylinder tube wear or strain, aged deterioration cup.


1, the continuous brake pedal, as the pedal gradually increased and elastic feeling, but pause and then pedal remains low, that is, air in the brake system, the brake system for the discharge time to respond gas.

2, foot brake is not working, but very few brake pedal effects a continuous step, typically consisting of a brake pedal stroke is too large or too large brake clearance. Pedal free travel should be adjusted, then check stopper gap, for the disintegration of the brake repair, if necessary.

3, when the brake pedal, not weak does not sink, but the effect is poor braking, the wheel brakes fault phenomenon, such as a brake shoe in contact with oil or poor aging lining wear, brake drum wear uneven. To deal with the technical condition of the brake inspection, adjustment and repair if necessary.

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