Beijing how restricting the number of illegal punishment

Beijing started a new Waibu car limit line, no license limit line in Beijing extend the scope of the ring 6, the vehicle in violation of the provisions of the limit line will be severely punished. So how about Beijing restricting the number of illegal punishment?

Beijing traffic police department strict rules, no to Beijing to extend the scope of the limit line card ring 6, in violation of 100 yuan three points of processing limit line penalty. For indeed forget the day limit line, has no intention to drive the vehicle to go out, after receiving a punishment (penalty 100 Virgin brand, with no penalty. Non-Virgin brand fined 100, subtract 3 points.), Within three hours, the driver the limit line may drove out of the area and drove to the nearest parking lot or return to point of departure, without fear of being punished again. However, if continuous travel day, it will be continuously punished.

Beijing car field limit line

First, the non-city passenger vehicles (including temporary license plate of the vehicle) need to go to the Fifth Ring Road (inclusive) of the road, must apply for passes for Beijing (Beijing bus pass, Beijing area pass).

Second, hold Beijing Beijing passes for non-city passenger cars, weekdays 7:00 to 9:00, 17:00 to 20:00, prohibits the Fifth Ring Road (inclusive) road.

Beijing non-city passenger cars at the same time comply with the above provisions, weekdays from 9 am to 17 reference to the "Beijing Municipal People's Government on the implementation of weekday rush hour limit line area traffic management measures notice" provisions, the implementation of license plate tail number traffic management measures weekday peak hours regional limit line, the limit line range from the Fifth Ring Road (inclusive) road, the license plate tail number on a rotating basis to perform in accordance with the license plate on a rotating basis tail number of vehicles in Beijing.

Third, the following non-city passenger cars from Beijing to the above-mentioned measures to limit restrictions:

1. The troops, armed police and police mission, ambulances and other special vehicles.

2. hold road transport documents provincial long-distance passenger vehicles and large-scale inter-provincial bus tour.

Beijing unlimited row limit motor vehicle

(A) police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles;

(B) public buses, inter-provincial long-distance passenger vehicles and large passenger cars, taxis (excluding leased vehicles), small buses, postal vehicles, held by the city transport authorities issued tourist bus operating vehicle documents, by the City Public Security traffic management approved units shuttle and school buses;

(C) the body spray a unified identity and mission of law enforcement vehicles and special vehicles wrecker; (iv) sanitation, gardening, road maintenance special operations vehicles, funeral funeral vehicle;

(Iv) Suspension "the" word number one brand vehicles and vehicle approved temporary entry.

Trucks buses relevant provisions

Freight cars forbidding

Freight vehicles and special operations vehicles, from 6 pm to 24 pm every day driving ban within the Sixth Ring Road (including the Sixth Ring Road).

All kinds of passenger vehicles forbidden line

Freight vehicles, low-speed truck, three cars, tractors, motorcycles, special operations vehicles and has not reached the country emission standards for passenger cars, all-day banned from entering Beijing within the Sixth Ring Road (including the Sixth Ring Road) travel (excluding "green channel" and record vehicle production and living materials).

Pure electric passenger cars unlimited line

Pure electric passenger cars, police cars, ambulances and other vehicles from odd and even number limit.

Other provinces to Beijing Automotive equally odd and even number lines

Beijing from other provinces District motor vehicle license plate tail number to implement a single number in a single day, with double, double, the "2002" type of number plate and license plate tail number as the letters of a motor vehicle by a double number management.

Provincial tour bus unrestricted line

Provincial tour of large passenger cars, the "green channel" vehicles, postal vehicles and special vehicle production and living materials from odd and even number limit travel measures, but they need to apply for passes for Beijing.

Beijing permit normal handling

Earlier rumors, August 10 Beijing suspended permits for Beijing. In this regard, the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau responsible person responded, 'Did you hear, there is no such consideration. "Beijing to apply for permits as usual.

There are driving age limit