Because the car gave the driver a fatal distraction function

By car listening to music on the road is a very enjoyable thing

Many drivers will choose dynamic music

Under even the music of infection

With the music swing body ......

These habits will not give motorists buried security risk?

Car listening to music is what is the harm Lee?

Join us in exploring

One night, the driver Wu afternoon he had just received a new number plate courier, is particularly excited, the newly installed car stereo, Wu began to play a song, the song constantly with Wu, the car is also fast gallop. Along with getting to the climax of the chorus, Wu high emotions gradually, he began to change lanes to overtake. Suddenly found a man crossing the middle! Wu even have time to stop, to hit.

Man knocked moment

Just listen to "bang", the man slammed the front windshield, it has not been playing fall out, then twice rolled on the ground, since the curled injuries, men died in the early morning after death.

Traffic police investigation that

Wu's attention the incident has been completely dispersed songs

He's not aware of any excitement

Wang across the zebra crossing

Also did not think to slow down

So what exactly is driving or not to listen to music?

I collected some surveys and opinion!

A survey shows that domestic

When driving, when the driver put the music volume at 75 decibels, its error rate is less than 24?aking judgments of sudden danger, and when the volume up to 95 decibels, which determine the error rate is raised to 40 ?e above.

Although there is no clear definition of the traffic laws to drive to make music, in reality, not a good induction is associated with each accident the driver drove the number of listening to music, but whether as a transport manager or road users, we do not advocate drivers driving while listening to music.

Traffic police say

The driver listening to music while driving, attention will be dispersed unconsciously. Lack of concentration, the driver can not make the right judgments in advance of the impending danger ahead, it is difficult to effectively avoid sudden disaster, which gave safe driving lay hidden.

Music reminded

Henan Jinshui Music Association Fan Yanfeng remind the person in charge: driving music should do choose to work, the driver may be appropriate to listen to music while driving, but it should be the main choice of soothing rhythm of melodious music, the world's best music and decadent too lovey-dovey best not to listen to in the car, because the former contents of excitement, easily lead to drivers' driving forgotten songs ", which will lead to the driver sentiment, sleepy sleepy. Traveling in cars, crowded urban roads and highways, need to focus attention, it is best not to listen to music.

Related research

University of Sheffield this music psychologist Nicola Di and her team, who drove to listen to music a big profit or big disadvantages of the problem, the driver of the 1780 investigation, the results show that there is no driver in traffic accident 63?f people said they liked to listen to music while driving. Survey shows that compared with the bleak atmosphere and chat, music allows the driver to achieve the best reactive state. But at the same time, this Di for rock music and heavy metal music also holds "not welcome" attitude, she thought the music too loud, emotional upset and let the driver distraction.

After listening to so many suggestions

I think you'd better not listening

After all, the most important security ah!

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