Away from the dog in the manger qi accessories

Accidentally discovered a colleague complained that he ran into a car equipped with rear license plate frame LED lights, LED lights straight on the car, especially dazzling.

Previously only heard of such accessories, to be honest really have not seen it. Then searches the network for a bit and found that many of these owners have complained that because of this LED lights installed in the rear, straight, night driving under the influence of a great sight after car after car, it is also known everyone " rogue lights. "

Maybe we can not help asking how many so-called "rogue accessories" affecting the public safe? Today we'll list some common "rogue" products, exposing them to harm the dog in the manger, as our driver, be sure to stay away from.

license frame LED lamp

A row of LED lights group mentioned at the beginning of "rogue light" is actually mounted on the rear license plate frame, the scientific name is also called "counter lights." This initial product is the role of a decorative lights appear, but with the constant "evolution", this product has become the choice of two types of people.

The first category is people who want to play tricks on the car license plate, though now and penalties for license management is very strict, but still people desperate to buy and install these products. It is said that installing the lamps, can inhibit the illegal capture probe shooting, visited some businesses also said that does have this effect, and a considerable number of consumers is directed at this function only to buy, but so far these effects are saying one said, what Does it really Work, merchants said they can not guarantee.

The second category is those in retaliation for high beam, this set of lamps mounted on the rear of the vehicle, high brightness, and can direct the car, for the case where the car can be effectively cracked beam, and therefore to considerable number of people hold back while driving the car after being treated unfairly.

Seemingly everyone needs are justified, but does not know the harm of this product is much larger than the taste of sweetness. First, such a lighting installation for observation clearly affected the license, in accordance with traffic shield plate thus processed is not an exaggeration. Secondly, the direct light car, bound to the line of sight will cause serious impact on the car, so the car can not detect when braking, greatly increasing the chance of being rear-ended. Such lighting needs to be changed to install the original car lines, an increase in circuit load, from a security standpoint is completely undesirable, and therefore such a decoration-defeating better distance.

xenon lamp without a lens

Now the owners for lighting upgrades and modifications have been very popular, the most common is a halogen xenon lamp change. Although the lighting retrofit is a violation, but due to the high brightness xenon lights, still a lot to become owners of converted light of choice. Xenon retrofit to say nothing of the offending issue, many owners freeloaders, while not install the upgrade lighting lens, although you can spend a small savings, but there are security risks is even greater.

Once the xenon lamp and halogen contrast article we mentioned, xenon lamp lens in the condensing function is very important. Without lens xenon lamp is scattered line, in view of the state of the vehicle, as the light is turned on near the open far as light, and high brightness, very affect driving safety. Here we suggest that if there is a demand for upgrading light friends, a xenon lamp, while the installation must meet the lens, it is recommended instead of high-intensity halogen bulb.

vehicle mirror reflective film

Buy a new car first film, I believe that many owners are such processes. But how to buy car film, a lot of people do not know. Significance of automotive films fact that demand safety and comfort of insulation, ultraviolet, slightly some color of car film can be appropriate to protect the privacy of the car. But now many car owners do not know the function of the film, purely for the sake of privacy, the blind pursuit of dark-colored car films, and even some owners choose the kind of high-brightness mirror car models, as long as the car invisible from outside the vehicle on the line, in fact, this car film the great hidden danger.

First car too deep color film will affect the driver's line of sight, especially at night when reversing or turning, due not see the situation outside, very easy to danger. Further, since the vehicle can not see out of sight into the car, so the car front emergency brake, the car can not go further forward in time looking through the vehicle front, rear-end situation prone. Therefore suggest that the owners according to individual needs, rational choice glass film, at the same time to cut off, to ensure the outside rearview mirror to observe good enough sight triangle at the front door window position.


Perhaps because of a long time, the so-called privilege car still managed too relaxed, and therefore privilege related automotive products favored by many owners. Although prohibited by laws and regulations, but regardless of the physical store or online, the police are still selling like a strobe light, propaganda and other equipment.

These accessories give drivers the thrill of what to say nothing, you risk just from the point of view, is a privately installation of police equipment police conduct a serious investigation of the project, while the private circuit change will affect safety, there is a circuit failure and the risk of spontaneous combustion. Installation of these devices does not help us to escape any punishment, once checked will definitely suffer the most severe punishment, so these illegal equipment must not be installed.

tapered scuff

Today, many places tight parking spaces, some owners like to give the car four weeks post some anti-rub strip, once a slight rub will not hurt the paint, in fact, this equipment does not cause illness, but some online taper scuff the emergence of a somewhat selfish.

Usually such tapered rub strips attached to the front of the vehicle, a sharp shape. Norway In some crowded parking in the car, around the car once and the occurrence of a slight bump, will hurt someone else's body at the top while protecting their own vehicles, such products must not be selected. If indeed there is a demand, you can choose the appearance of some of the anti-rub gently, to protect themselves without hurting others.

trailer arm/trailer hook

In some European countries, the situation dragged on weekends RV camping is very common, so the trailer arm, trailer hook every car has become almost essential configuration. But in China, this way of life is clearly far from universal, except for a small number of off-road enthusiasts, some of the SUV after loading trailers arm, trailer hook more in order to look more handsome, certainly use the opportunity not high.

However, this expenditure to the trailer rear-end equipment once encountered, for the car damage is very serious, had no serious problem of rear-end accidents may become disastrous, so we recommend, if you have to install, try to purchase in when not in use can be folded to one side, or may be manually detached trailer product, during installation when needed, to reduce the accident damage to other vehicles on the maximum extent.

to sum up:

Now the car has become a lot of people a platform to display their personality, a different type of decoration is also highly sought after publicity. However, with the introduction of SGX regulations for penalties for violations of the motor vehicle are becoming increasingly strict, they do not violate laws and regulations while dressed as their car, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble for himself. For those luck people knowingly violate the law, we also recommend that law-abiding car, stay away from the dog in the manger car decoration.

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