How long automobile antifreeze replacement?

Many owners know the replacement cycle oil, brake oil probably know even need to be replaced once every two years, but it is easy to overlook the replacement of antifreeze coolant, many owners do not know the replacement cycle of antifreeze coolant is how much, do not know how to buy. Today as we look at science.

How long have antifreeze coolant replacement cycle?

They said each vehicle's manual is a "holy canon", even if you know nothing about the vehicle, as long as a closed-door practice, though not guarantee that what you understand about the vehicle, but at least you have a basic understanding. So for their own car when to replace the antifreeze coolant, open the manual to find out.

Most of the family car are replaced every two years or forty thousand kilometers. Of course, this is just a reference replacement cycle, they can be replaced based on actual usage, because more than twelve hundred million kilometer walk or cycle to extend more than about a year or so, the problem is not large. If the strength of the car, then it can be replaced in advance.

However, in yet antifreeze coolant replacement period, and if found antifreeze coolant less than the minimum scale value (normal capacity antifreeze coolant should be between MIN and MAX), will increase in time, or will affect the cooling capacity of the engine .

When it comes to adding antifreeze coolant, there are considerations here, is antifreeze coolant between different brands and different models do not mix, to avoid different chemical compositions result in antifreeze coolant failure.

In other words, in time to replace the antifreeze coolant, it is best to choose the same brand of the same model. If the switch to a different brand of antifreeze coolant, preferably antifreeze coolant prior to evacuating the inside of the engine, the cooling circuit and clean all further added.

How antifreeze coolant choose? Compared to oil, antifreeze coolant to choose simpler. In addition to the name implies antifreeze coolant cooling functions, but also to prevent condensation at low temperatures, in order to work properly.

We buy antifreeze coolant, it can be selected according to where the lowest temperature to the freezing point of antifreeze coolant preferably lower than the local minimum temperature of about a 15 , to ensure that extreme weather anomalies when antifreeze coolant strike.

[General antifreeze coolant are around $ 70, performance has to meet the daily use]

For the average vehicle, the use of universal antifreeze coolant have been able to meet daily needs, prices are generally also about $ 70, this may be ready to use, mainly alternative brand Castrol, Shell and Wall-based.

It should be noted that some antifreeze coolant to scale watered in order to play "effectiveness", there are many owners buy back did not see the instructions on the direct use, eventually leading to engine "boil", so no matter what kind of antifreeze buy coolant, preferably all read instructions before use, to ensure foolproof.

Lifelong need to replace the antifreeze coolant fly it?

Currently the market has introduced a number of "lifetime without replacement" of antifreeze coolant, antifreeze coolant compared to ordinary, their biggest advantage is the lifetime use of the vehicle, eliminates the need to replace, reduce trouble. For this product, the individual owners or recommended careful selection is wonderful.

[Main "life without replacement," the antifreeze coolant price to more than 1000 yuan]

Because these antifreeze coolant frequently than 1000 yuan, the price is relatively expensive. Although life without replacement, but it is difficult to guarantee without adding in the course. Moreover, the price of 1,000 yuan, if replaced by an ordinary antifreeze coolant, even if coupled with each change of working hours costs 50 yuan, the total cost of a replacement also about 120 yuan.

Here I believe we all forget it, ordinary antifreeze coolant replaced only worth 10 times the cost of a bottle of "life antifreeze coolant," and change 10 times the ordinary antifreeze coolant, run almost 400,000 kilometers. If the vehicle collision leads to the water tank burst, it will wipe out 1,000 yuan. Personally, this gimmick than practical significance expensive commodity, or carefully choose better.

Water can not replace the antifreeze coolant?

Water instead of antifreeze coolant use of hazardous, did not say the printing of so serious, if short-term emergency use, water is possible, there will be no damage to the thermostat or clog cooling water, there are a lot of cars in the water directly Speedway as the cooling fluid. Further, if it is found antifreeze coolant below a minimum value side and no antifreeze coolant may be added, the addition of water may be temporarily replaced. After all, the main reduction antifreeze coolant water evaporation is caused.

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