After driving for so many years, 90% of car owners don't know what lights to turn on in rainy days!

When the rainy season comes, it is found that many car owners are used to turning on the double flash to warn the distance behind the car when the rainfall is heavy, but it doesn't work at all. It also has a bad impact on the driver's mood behind. Others don't know where you are going.

So after reading this article, I hope you don't turn on the double flash when it rains again. I don't know how to use the fog lamp. I suggest you check your own car manual.

1. Why can't we double flash in rainy days

First of all, the penetration of double flash is not enough. When the rainfall is large, the rear car may not see your prompt.

When the visibility is more than 100 meters, the accident rate will also decrease with the increase of visibility. When the visibility is more than 600 meters, the accident rate will change with the visibility. Because the accident rate is very low when the distance is far away, simply speaking, it is not easy for others to see your car in a long distance.

Fog lamp

The light of fog lamp has penetrating power, which is different from the effect of double flashing. The main difference lies in brightness, reflective structure, color and color temperature.

According to the experimental investigation, you can see the car when the fog lamp is turned on at about 171 meters. If you turn on the double flash, you can see it at about 158 meters. If you can't turn on any lamp for 124 meters, so if you let others see you, you need to turn on the farthest fog lamp (depending on the amount of rain)!

2. Double flashing can easily cause emotional impact on drivers in the rear

Most people don't know about this effect, but flash can cause people's emotional upset physically. Fixed frequency flash can make people feel upset, and it is easy to cause road rage.

Take a chestnut for example: the light in your house is out of order. You can turn it off as soon as you see it.

3. Unclear steering information

We all know that double flash and turn signal are the same set of bulbs, but if you turn on double flash when you want to turn, the rear car can't predict your intention, which will bring certain risks to safety.

4. Affect the judgment of rear car

Double flashing is generally used to remind the rear car of your situation. When there is no big traffic flow, the rear car will judge whether to quickly surpass or follow. It is easy to cause misjudgment if you keep flashing and flashing there.

When can I use double flash?

It can be used on the highway (when the visibility is low), which is also stipulated in the road traffic safety law, but the regulations also say that: when driving on a normal road, only in foggy days can double flashing be turned on, and it is fine to hit and misuse the lights (100 yuan and 1 point).

When should I use the fog lamp?

I said in front that you can't double flash in rainy days. Can you use fog lights in foggy days?

According to the statistics of relevant units, 97.4% of drivers know that they need to turn on the lights when the visibility is poor, but only 36.71% of them know that they need to turn on the fog lights. In fact, the difference between turning on the fog lights and not turning them on can reach 46.8m!

What is the concept of 46.8m?

If the car speed is 80km/h, you can see a car in front of you 46.8m in advance. Compared with 2.1 seconds more reaction time, it may be a small turn away, and the other result is a direct hit, so when the visibility is low, the fog light is a good thing!

Is a car that has been driving for a lifetime an old driver? Sometimes it's car feeling!