4 small car hidden functions

Hide minor features

Car owners are much better

We feel that the car is not on their own

It has been completely well aware of?

So today we quiz

In addition to the main functions of the car

There are some "hidden little features."

do you know?


Night driving experience behind the vehicle wide open beam headlight

Mirrors can be very harsh

Hate and do not go back

The owners how to do it?

In fact, anti-glare rearview mirror has a switch, automatic car has advanced a little glare, Common vehicle must be adjusted manually, Founder middle door mirror buttons, pull down the glare can be prevented.

the second

Seat belt is the most important tool to protect life

But many people complain that the seat belt on the body uncomfortable Le

What is the solution?

In fact, seat belts have height adjustment function, the purpose is to improve the comfort of the seat belt. Some models are not adjustable features, you can find the most comfortable position down by the seat conditioning.

The third

When an accident of

The most important thing occupants

Exotic car that fled

But some accidents may cause deformation of the body

Doors and windows can not open then how to do it?

At this time, escape from the trunk may be a method. To provide more occupants to escape selection, with many models in the trunk switches, the critical moment the vehicle rear seat can recline, climb the trunk by the trunk opening switch escape.

But not all vehicles have this device, and the location and open the way different models of the device are not the same, recommended that owners can learn more about oh.

the fourth

I believe the owners have encountered such a situation

Open glass of water spray function

Spray flying over the roof and even some spray

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can not stand!

The country?

Scale nozzle may be blocked or spray angle under normal circumstances have changed, we can adjust yourself. With a needle or thin objects to withstand a water outlet, a slight movement, repeated attempts may be adjusted to the optimum position.

Since that four small hidden functions

The more I love to fiddle in the car

About cars hidden features

It is certainly more than that

There are big God willing to share it?

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