Instead, the more the more the fault vehicle maintenance

Recently, the owner found mustaches, he repaired the car, not only was traded to the old auto parts, garage and returned to the vehicle manufacturers' knocked accident "fixed-loss and photographs.

"Knocked" issue after more repair repair vehicles more

Not long ago, Xiao-hu car was cut rub, the front, the car body has scratches. Xiao Hu sent his car where a repair shop, trying to scratch doing the painting.

A few days later he went to put the car was found, although the body scratches repaired, but the door was shut lax, and the right side of the car headlights looked like the old lights.

Small nonsense, repair shop told him the painting to his car no money, to help him repair shop has gone insurance, the cost of the insurance company. Although there is no money to make mustaches, but hey lights were replaced the old, the door is also bad, it is difficult to understand.

Hu transferred out of the vehicle to assess the damage the repair of single and photos, after seeing photos, mustaches petrified. His car right side of the body severely deformed in the accident, the right headlight damage, and the right front of another vehicle also severely damaged.

According to the insurance company to assess the damage photo provided mustaches car with a BMW sedan coming together, through the survey found, the owner of the BMW car repair shop is the boss!

Create "accident" repair shop What are the benefits?

An informed source said the repair shop owner took his BMW car, the good parts removed to install the old pieces, and then cut rub occurred mustaches car, made a accident. In this way, the time to assess the damage, the insurance company in full accordance with the original price of pure BMW to be.

According to the insurance company to assess the damage the book provided by the accident, including mustaches lights, doors, BMW's lights and other accessories, including insurance companies are carried out to assess the damage in accordance with the original price. Eventually, Xiao-hu car to assess the damage of the 5851 yuan, 13,375 yuan BMW car to assess the damage, two car insurance companies paid a total of nearly 20,000. Money to repair shop owner, in fact, the cost of buying old parts of it more than a thousand dollars, two cars together cost estimates, it should not be more than 3500 dollars.

Create "accident" potentially fraudulent difference is not uncommon to make repairs

An informed source said a car repair shop, everything is possible appearance of some shoddy. Front bumper, headlights, four doors, rear light, etc., all just stand outside the car can see things, are possible. Used auto parts in the market transaction, businesses are not shy and are in the public sale.

According to China's "scrapped automobile recycling management approach" the relevant provisions:

- prohibit scrapped automobile, "five assembly" and assembled vehicles to enter the market transactions or in any other way transaction (fifteen).

- Other parts disassembled to continue to use, you can sell, but must be marked "pieces of junk car recycling" (Article XIV).

"Five assembly" refers to a car engine, steering, transmission, front and rear axles, frame. The sale of "five assembly" scrap pieces of scrapped vehicles is clearly illegal. But for other parts such as car headlights, etc., how to evaluate whether to sell up to standards and other issues, did not give a specific provision, which also used to leave the auto parts trading business space.

Finally, I remind owners, after the vehicle accident repairs, be sure to check the fixed-loss and actual vehicle repair site is not consistent, but also to view each of the other components have not been replaced, once found, the preservation of evidence the police, or to report directly to the insurance company. This is potentially fraudulent offense, be careful themselves affected.

The reason the vehicle deviation crisis